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Two Months Have Passed

Two months have passed at the new job and it feels good. Except, the children are still acting out now and then. Well, I know this will never really change. I think I am just starting to get a little burnt out.

No really, things are in a routine these days and I am starting to see that teaching first graders math isn't too hard.

Anyways, next week promises a couple of vacation days. Where will I go?

Job Satisfaction

Maybe it is because I didn't have six classes as usual today or that spring is here. I am sure there is a reason but whatever it is I feel really satisfied with my job in Korea, right now. It's the fourth job and I suppose after many trials and errors I have come to a point where I like my work. I wasn't trained to be a teacher but I feel I have learned and survived through enough that I am capable of the job.

I guess it could be that the kids are transitioning out of their kindy-selves and into first graders. Really, though I feel like this job suits me and I am starting to enjoy being in a room full of feisty children. One thing though that has really helped is that I don't do any coteaching anymore. I don't have to worry about coordinating things with someone who doesn't understand me and won't take the time to try.

Korean Math Song

While searching the halls of Youtube for an English math song, as I am often doing these days, I found this cute one in Korean.
I want to use it in class, but know I will get the, "Teacher it is Korean!" response.


It's April and that means a full month has gone by at my new job. I have to say a lot has transpired within that time. I panicked and worked at a stressed pace the first three weeks and then started to get my bearings. Also for some reason I thought I had to go slower in the book, but it turns out I should have been going faster.

That brings me to today where I realized that since I need to cover about four pages per class that there will be little time for extra activities and games. One way you can look at this is that the children will miss out on having a good time, but you can also see it as I don't have to spend so much time planning. Before I was trying to find key points to address about the math they were learning and bring it to them in a way that developed their English. Now I see I will just try to make sure they are speaking and creating the Math-English while we work in the book. I am sure I can squeeze in a fun game or craft somewhere amongst that.

Top 10 Things to Love About Korea


For those contemplating the leap that is teaching English in South Korea, there's plenty of documentation out there to highlight the big picture draws of the country and the career. You know about the good money, the free accommodation, and the fact you can use South Korea as a launching pad into South East Asia - so here are the ten small pleasures that I've picked as reasons I love being in Korea again.

English Teachers Reflect On Changing Role in Globalization Age

English teachers at the KOTESOL conference in Seoul focus on their professional development.

Cheerleader Dinosaur Love

You never imagined the words “kindergarten” and ”teacher” would attach themselves to your name, become a part of your identity, appear on your resume beside the unexpected year of 2010.  But you wake up one morning in Korea, draw eyeliner whiskers on your cheeks, and walk into a classroom full of pirates, vampires, and a six-year old cheerleader called Sunny.



Who sits beside a dinosaur called Thomas.


Job Opening

December is quickly approaching. While for many that means the holiday season, for me it means the start of a new term at my academy. It also means that one of our teachers' contracts will be coming to an end.

Question from a reader: the phone interview

I love questions from readers! Search my blog to see if your question has already been answered - if it hasn't, e-mail me at chrisinsouthkorea AT gmail DOT com.

A reader writes in asking about interviews:

Hi Chris,

I have really been enjoying your blog while I am going through the process of moving to South Korea for an ESL job myself.

When I searched your blog I couldn't find any info about how it went when you were interviewing with schools to get jobs.

Little Love

New romance appeared in Cornell class this week, first spotted on Tuesday when Julia slipped her hand into Eric’s during storytime.  Some girls really know how to flirt and make it work.  He better not blow it…she’s a catch.



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