Under the Andaman Sea: Snorkeling in Koh Lanta & Koh Phi Phi

I just got back from an awesome 10 day getaway in Thailand, part of which I spent hopping between some small islands near Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi. In addition to swimming through a cave and lounging (in the shade) on white sandy beaches, I also did some snorkeling! While it may not be the most amazing snorkeling footage ever, it was still fun to play around with the GoPro!

P.S. Can you spot the Finding Nemo reference near the end of the video?

The Benefits of Swimming

The Benefits of Swimming

Guest Post by David Holt.

 “I feel most at home in the water.  I disappear.  That’s where I belong.” – Michael Phelps, Olympic Gold Medalist.

Getting On Base: My Visit to Camp Casey

Located north on the blue line is the US Army Garrison known as Camp Casey. Throughout my whole time living in Korea I have never gone on any of the US Army bases here in Korea. Of course the main reason being that you can't just walk in, but need to have an Army personell escort you. Through some random act of the universe I was invited to go on base with my blogger friend Jennipal. She has a friend who works on the base and so invited me along.

Gwangalli Beach

Cheap Flights To Korea

Crescent-shaped Gwangalli Beach is one of the most popular hangouts in Busan, offering fine sand, good swimming, and an exorbitant number of cafés, restaurants and bars. We’re lucky enough to call it home for the next three months and have already spent a lot of time on the its entertaining promenade.

I want one: more on risky swimming

A Nevada Family has an underwater fort.  They place a tightly woven net over a vinyl sheet, anchor it firmly and inflate it.

They take the structure down after each visit and it is only something to play in, but it is a step in the right direction.

Some people don’t like swimming within the buoy-line

Let me redact the location reference in this quote from The Economist:

Cooling Off in Busan

I really haven’t spent much time at the beach.  SongDo Beach is the closest and also a quiet, pleasant place, but it is nearly thirty minutes from my apartment.

In Sokcho, by contrast, the beach was less than twenty minutes by bike away.  The water was also clearer and cleaner.

On the other hand, the good bikini beach in Gangwon was an hour away (Kyeongpo in Gangneung)  and also an hour away in Busan (Haeundae).  Girls wear bikinis  at all beaches, but also wear T-shirts and shorts at most.  Only at Kyeongpo and Haeundae can you find bare midriffs.

Anyway, below are photos (click to embiggen) of how the little guy and I have been cooling off.

From the top-left: DaDaePo beach – it is close and fun, but the water is brown.  I watched a guy walk right into a submerged rock – it looked like it really hurt. There is a lot of kiteboarding here.

Top-middle: A shaman ceremony a little upstream the Nakdong River from DaDaePo.

pool safety

1) Before taking a shot, look behind you make sure your cue has …

Alright, this post is about swimming pools and water safety, not billiards or the like.

Today, Yahoo News was highlighting a Toronto politician who wanted all children in Toronto to receive swimming lessons so as to prevent drowning.  He felt this would be cheaper than paying for lifeguards to watch every pool in Toronto.  Soon after he made his suggestion, a boy was found floating in a pool with no vital signs. He was pronounced dead the following day.

On Friday afternoon, a boy was plucked from the pool at the Toronto Don Valley Hotel at Eglinton Avenue and the Don Valley Parkway. He was taken to hospital with no vital signs and died Saturday. Another child taken out of the pool was conscious and mobile.

swimming lessons (busan)

Hey everyone. Does anyone know of a place that offers swimming lessons in English for adults? I can swim, but not confident at all in my abilities and have very poor technique. I really want to use my time here to become a strong swimmer. And what better time to start than in summer? Any info would be great. Thanks.

“Move to Aussie”?

I have some friends at work from Australia.  I will have to ask them if they refer to their country as “Aussie”.  Certainly, they seem to refer to themselves as ‘Aussies’, but I hadn’t heard that term for the country. Added later: My Aussie coworkers do say their country is sometimes also called ‘Aussie’.  My mistake.

Well, until I read today’s Korea Times, which has an article about Olympic Gold Medalist Park Tae-hwan moving to “Aussie” to train for future events.  In that article you can read about the Beijing Olympic Gold medalist or “Park, the 400-meter freestyle golded boy in Beijing…”

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