Single K women overwhelmingly in support of same-sex marriage, 50% of Single men against

The matchmaking website Duo surveyed 616 people from the 25th of July to the 1st of August asking about their opinions in relation to the legalization of same-sex marriage. 69.3% of unmarried women agreed with the statement "Same-sex marriage is acceptable." while 50.2% of men were against gay marriage.

Translation: 한국 '동성애자 살기 좋은 나라' 123개국 중 69위- In Good for Gays poll, Korea ranks 69 out of 123 countries

This Yonhap News article was posted in response to a recent Gallup poll that asked people worldwide if their area was good for gay residents. Of course, this information could be easily found in English on Gallup's website, but I thought it was interesting how Yonhap was reporting it with specific comparisons to neighboring countries and other OECD nations. 

Why don't you use a condom?

Found this great survey from iShap. Education everyone!

Seeking Participants: Survey of 30-Year-Old Women Around the World

Seeking Participants: Survey of 30-Year-Old Women Around the World

Please help us paint a picture of 30-year-old women around the world!

Turning 30 this year was a really great experience and I couldn’t help think back on all the ideas (some much less accurate than others) on what 30 was supposed to be. 

 I’ve been fortunate to connect with amazing people from around the world (you!) and I wanted to use these connections to paint a picture of 30 year old women around the world. (Men and women was just too much on my plate right now! Specifically 30, again to narrow down the variation.)

What's next after Korea?

A version of this article appears in the November 2010 issue of the Groove magazine.I recently did a survey on my blog, asking "After Korea, what's next?" ; while not surprising, the 127 voters were a nice blend of serious and whimsical:Teach English in another country 45 (35%) Get a Master's, Doctorate, or another piece of paper 54 (42%) Two words: TEFL certification 14 (11%) Back

151 foreigners have it: a survey of foreigners, for foreigners

Stafford from the Chosun Bimbo / Seoul Podcast / the Hub of Sparkle has finished a survey of foreigners living in Korea. The results? Highly worth reading in graph format, as well as his brief interpretations.

151 foreigners took the survey as seen here (full results can be seen here):

104 males, 47 females
120 of 151 people between 20-35 (the rest are above 35)
75 from the US, 34 from Canada, 21 from the UK, and the rest from other countries

To the big question: "Why did you come to Korea?"

Survey time - regarding community

OK, so I know enough of you readers enjoy the little monthly poll on the blog (assuming you're not reading through the RSS feed or a Google Reader-like setup). A fellow K-blogger is doing a short survey about community between expats / foreigners here in Korea, so hit him with your opinions. 10 multiple-choice questions you can ace in five minutes. Click that you read me (among other blogs, I'm sure) and I'll give you a cookie.

Bear in mind that this survey is only for current or previous English teachers in Korea. Hey, I can't make all the rules, but there they are. Enjoy --

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