Gnarly Dude: A paddleboard lesson in Busan!

I walked to the back of the shop to meet Dylan, my Korean surf guru for the day. When the general greetings were out the way, Dylan pulled out his phone, stared at the screen, and behind a grimace he said, “I checked the weather. The water is totally flat. Not good for surfing. Do you want to try stand-up paddle boarding?” I had no idea what paddle boarding was, but it sounded cool.

Plan B

Dylan led me upstairs and out onto the roof of his shop, where I somehow managed to cram my fat arse into a skintight wetsuit… only after putting it on backwards twice! Dylan’s tanned muscular body meant he looked like a Korean adonis in his, whereas I resembled vanilla ice cream dripping from a plastic carrier bag.

Body Surfer

Haeundae Beach

Korea’s most famous beach, Haeundae has been noted for its impressive beauty for more than a thousand years. It is easy to understand why when you see that great curve of land meeting the ocean. And it is also easy to understand why this natural setting draws hundreds of thousands of visitors a year to its sea and sand.

Kiteboarding in Busan, Korea

See video

Not many people are aware but Busan happens to be a great place for kiteboarding. Many Koreans and foreigners kite almost year round (October - June) at beaches such as Dadaepo and Jinha. Kiteboarding is a new sport that is growing rapidly in popularity. In the last couple years Kiteboarding technology has adapted to increase the excitement and safety of the sport. 

Busan is lucky to have a great IKO certified instructor. Dongnam Ryu featured in this video has been Kiting for over 7 years and has taught many Koreans and foreigners. His calm demeanor and experience make him an excellent teacher. The kite crew at Dadaepo are incredibly supportive and great guys to be around. Don't be surprised if they have some Makali waiting for you when you get out of the water. 

With lessons starting at $100 for the first day you cant miss out on this opportunity.


Email to inquire about lessons or kiteboarding information.

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