S-bend Sunset

S-bend Sunset

The sun sets over the Suncheon Wetlands, as seen from Yongsan Observatory.

Peaceful Bog

Contrast Before Dark


Simple Scene, Sensational Shot by Simon Bond

Images courtesy of Simon Bond

Destination: Songgwangsa (Suncheon, Jeollanam-do)

The monks were everywhere. One was beating his wooden moktok, another was laboriously carrying a load of plants, and a third was walking through the courtyard. A number were meditating behind one of the hall’s closed doors, while even more were seen walking in a separate section of the temple, restricted to visitors. One was even seen bringing a Dunkin’ Donuts bag into the monks-only section. At that point, the Lady in Red pinched me, telling me that this is indeed not a dream – there really are lots of monks here. Then again, why wouldn’t they be?

Travel Photo Tips: Yangshuo, China by Simon Bond

Yangshuo, China: "Next to you, all of life's obstacles are surmountable" by Simon Bond.

Road trip!

So I have been itching to do something a little different this weekend.  I am once again in a new place where I have not yet exhausted all the potential destinations for mini weekend road trips - my favorite thing!  I figured I better get on it quick, since summer runs out in the blink of an eye and I know I will lack the will and motivation to do it during the awful, bloodsucking winter.  I did some research and decided to head to Suncheon-si; a little town about 3 hours away by bus.  What drew me to Suncheon was initially Seonam-sa Temple, which is apparently one of the most famous and beautiful Buddhist Temples in South Korea.  The internet tells me it is nestled back into the mountains and surrounded by hiking trails and rive

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