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MBA in Hallyu (Korean Wave) at Hallyu Graduate School

If your interest in Korean Culture and Entertainment (Hallyu – Korean Wave) lies beyond watching Korean Dramas and K-POP videos and if you seriously interested in building a career in the Korean Entertainment industry then doing an MBA in Korean Culture from Hallyu Graduate School would be your first stepping stone towards the realization of your Korean Dream.

Studying in Seoul: An Opportunity of a Lifetime

With a rich and diverse history that stretches back in excess of 2,000 years, the ancient capital city of Seoul lies along the majestic Han River. A dramatic mountainous backdrop, beautiful national parks, and four UNESCO World Heritage Sites contrast beautifully against shimmering skyscrapers, dazzling nightlife areas, and thoroughly modern landmarks. It’s little wonder that so many international students opt to complete at least part of their studies in this vibrant metropolitan area.

Indian Kindergarten, Pre-school, Child Care Service in Seoul, Korea – Angels Indian Institute

IF you are you looking for an English Medium pre-school or kindergarten for your child based on CBSE syllabus then Angels Indian Institute is the place for your kids to be. It is a child care service and Kindergarten school, which has started since 1st August 2012 in Hannam-Dong, close to Itaewon.

They provide full developmental programs taught by qualified teachers to help your child improve his or her social skills. At Angels Indian Institute, you will get the peace of mind that your child is being well taken care of while you are at work!

Angels Indian Institute offers full day sessions as well and before and after fee-based daycare.
Modernised study thru Videos, Games and other Learning Materials. Brain Development programmes, Learn Thru Fun Activities, etc. are their specialties. They care for children from 2 ½ year olds to 6 years old and they have kept their fees very nominal so that it is affordable to everybody working in Korea.

3-idiots (Indian Movie) message to KAIST – All Izz Well

I read this editorial on JoongAng Ilbo by Lee Na-Ree and felt like sharing it here.

Lee, has picked the right movie to put the message across. 3-idiots has been the most successful movie in India and hit the right note with the student community, who gets forced into the system, where the expectations by their peers, parents, teachers and the environment,  puts pressure on students for scoring high on exams, getting good grades, getting admission in the top university, getting the best job and the story goes on. Again it is upto the student as to how much they give-in to such pressures.

QS Best Student City Rankings for Seoul – 2012

Seoul ranks 23rd out of 50 (almost midway) in the QS Best Student Cities ranking by Quacquarelli Symond.

The ranking is based on a complex set of measures taken from public information, surveys and data submitted as part of the QS World University Rankings, the results provide a new way of comparing the best cities around the world in which to be a student.

Public Libraries in Korea for reading, study and research

A library can be a great place to study, read a magazine, or borrow a book. But many libraries here don’t operate the way they did in my home state. Within this country libraries, while public, are not just something you can walk into. Every university and public library I’ve been to here requires you have a membership card that you swipe, much like a metro card to enter. With filling out a form you can get a card and go in. Except with the universities; if you are not a current student you cannot enter. If you just enrolled but didn’t get your ID card yet talk to the security guard at the side and they should let you in.

For graduate school research and a desire to read US news magazines I will sometimes visit our university library. But what to do near midterms/finals when the university libraries are overflowing with people? And what if you are not a current student? Here are a few options.

American Center Korea

Foreign Postgraduate students from India and China rising in Korea

News from Chosun Ilbo

The number of foreign students at Korean universities has increased sharply since the Millennium, but mostly at undergraduate level. Only now are postgraduate numbers also rising.

Attempts to woo Chinese students in particular resulted in the number of foreign students in Korean universities jumping fivefold from 16,832 in 2004 to 89,537 in 2011. But recently the influx of undergraduates has slowed but more postgraduates are studying in Korea.

According to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the number of foreign undergraduates, which had been rising by 6,000 to 8,000 each year, increased by just 932 in 2010 and 2011 with the total now at 44,641. But the number of foreign postgraduate students went up by 2,721 during the same period.

Sejong University is inviting new students for Master of Arts in Asian Studies

Sejong University in Seoul is offering a post-graduate program taught in English focusing on the interdisciplinary study of East Asian culture, language, politics, history, economics, philosophy, religion, and education. Fall semester classes begin on August 29, 2012.

Application period: April 23 (Mon)—May 31 (Thu).
Scholarship Policy: 100~60% waiver depending on certain conditions.
Asian Studies Program:

What you will be learning

Cheap Accommodation in Korea for Students and Working Professionals

If you have plans to visit Korea for a few days, weeks or months and you are looking out for a temporary accommodation in Korea then Goshiwon, Hasukjib or Yeogwan could be the right fit for you. Goshiwon is more for students whereas Hasukjib and Yeogwan is more suitable for working professionals who are looking for a budget stay in Korea and does not want to go through the hassle of house renting, lease, deposit, utilities and so on. Read the guide below to check which one is more suitable for you.

Goshiwon – 고시원

Goshiwons are a remarkably cheap way of living in Korea. It is a very small and basic room where students often live in and study for a number of months in order to focus on a test (고시).

Expat Experience: Studying in Korea – Agnieszka Piasecka

South Korea is a great place to study… what a typical beginning. Does not match up with a to be storyteller and a journalist, right?

But it’s true – it is a great place to study. Whether you are an exchange student or a regular program one, you will be very happy to be here and not somewhere else.

I arrived to Korea as a result of the most fascinating coincidence in my life. As a “mature” student I was catching up with my education by doing two BA’s at one time – one of them in geography merged with biology (environmental protection track) and one of them in diplomacy, both on good private universities.
It was a professor of biology from, a researcher at Polish Academy of Sc iences, who approached me in the university corridor asking “Would you like to go to Korea?”.

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