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Nampo-dong, Busan

One of my favorite places in Busan has to be Namp-dong. Not just for camera stores but just for the whole scene in general. In the last few years, I have seen major improvements in the area and it is quickly turning into the spot to go to in Busan. In my opinion, Nampo-dong has always been on the tourist map simply because of the Busan Tower, PIFF and near by Jagalchi Market, but recently they have started pulling in cafes and restaurants that complements the trendiness of the area but not take anything away from the history.

Street Photography

Okay, I must be truthful with you, I was not a big fan of street photography.

That was before….

However, I have been taking great lengths to try and understand it because there is a huge following, especially here in Korea and around the world. For the past few months I have been studying the art and picking through the nuts and bolts or street photography to find out the attraction and how to do it. I must say that I have changed my feeling towards it.

Why was I not a Fan?

KAs@Work: Street Photographer Eric Kim

KAs@Work is a new series that profiles Korean Americans and their jobs. Want to share what you do, or know of people with interesting jobs? Get in touch.

Some places, things, and people of Jeolla province

Last weekend I made my first trip down to the Southwestern corner of the country. What I found really impressed me.  I had been reading a bit on the history of the area famous for its folk music, poets,  and democratic spirit. A province left behind in many regards during Korea’s blitzkrieg development under Park Chung Hee. What I found matched an image, or ambiance I had hoped for. An area still maintaining (to some degree) the traditions of the past. In Jeonju, we hung around old hanok houses and watched pansori performances. Old men lounged on the north bridge listening to cassettes of samul nori music. People tooled around on bicycles and the whole atmosphere felt different than  Seoul. I really enjoyed experiencing tradition beyond Insa-dong, and recommend an exploration of the area. Particularly Jeonju.

Film drop: Ilford hp5 400, fp4 125, delta 3200+kodak tmax 400

Back to monochrome with a few rolls from the last drop. Winding up a late Sunday here in Korea, taking an online traffic course while organizing a messy pile of negatives. Also making plans for a few days down in Jeolla-do exploring the agricultural rice belt. Here are the monochrome outtakes from the last month.
blog- tmax 400

blog- tmax 400

Film Drop: Holga 120, New Kodak Portra

Summertime, color film, and a plastic holga seem to have a symbiotic relationship. I’ve been carrying mine around a lot lately. Compared to some of the sleeker machines this plastic contraption of lo-fi goodness can’t quite cut it in the IQ  department, but something about a set of warbled and warped images seems to capture the strange vibe of a place. I’ve been toying with the idea of making a project out of these images that end up feeling like 70′s post-cards. I try to apply this camera to street photography, yet it just doesn’t work. I take it for weird urban landscapes, and everything looks crooked. I’m hoping after a year I can have enough frames that stick together solely by their inability to fit a genre. Anyway, I plan to keep carrying this thing. I have a few BW 120 rolls sitting in front of me, but I think I need to keep this thing techni-color.

Film Drop: Kodak Portra 120 +400nc


I shot some color film while down in Busan. I’ve been on a monochrome kick lately and haven’t been able to find a place to collect these images. I thought I would post them here. I really love the tones on the portra, especially at the seashore. As an after-note I have some Superia from the ultra wide and slim that I’ll post after.
blog: film drop- color


...“The distance between yourself and others should not be greater than your arm’s length.” – Christophe Agou

모란 시장 revisited

After a exploring the nooks of Moran market earlier in the month I wandered back there this Sunday with a friend. Last time I was a little overwhelmed by the dog meat and my hangover. This time my skin was a little thicker and I explored thoroughly. We peroused, ducked in and out, watched a shaman dance, wandered past boshi-tang pots and had beer in a back alley hof. I am compelled to really make this place my project as my Korean friend told me the place will unfortunately disappear in the next generation. Last time we visited we swung by a department store to pick up something and were suddenly floored by the contrast of the white shiny lights and prim cotton gloves. The shopping culture in Korea is a paradox worth exploring further. Here are some fresh images from yesterday.

5 Second Faces - A Street Photography Project

My first ever photography project is finally compete!

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