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Getting the Shot 13: Walking Man

This shot sort of popped out at me while shooting some waterfowl along the Taehwa River in Ulsan. Some times you just have to turn around and look the other way to find a decent show. for this one, the aspects of what I wanted came to me instantly. I wanted the lines to reach someone walking or on a bike and I wanted it gritty and with a lot of contrast.

mistakes were made

What follows is the outcome of taking off the bottom plate of my M6 without rewinding prior. I always enjoy the serendipitous randomness resulting from double exposures, lo-fi light leaks, and other various imperfections of outdated cameras. Here are some frames from various places in and around Seoul. Some of the last grabs at wintertime street photography, botched.




*Photographer: Danny Santos II  If you have never done street...

*Photographer: Danny Santos II 

If you have never done street photography before you might be scared that you’ll be confronted by the subject. Do you know what you’re going to say so you don’t look like a creeper? Need not to worry! Here are some sound and funny advice by Thomas Leuthard

“Bad excuses are worse than none.” - Thomas Fuller

Sometimes people ask you what you are doing and then you need a good answer. Here are some to choose from:

Film Drop: Jan 1-16, Leica M6///Kodak Tri-X @1600

Disregard this image. Compiling photos and reading a small volume of Ikkyu’s poetry. I’ve somehow carried this slip of a book around for a long time. It never gets old. I don’t think the attempt at typography really works, but I am too lazy to replace it at the moment.

Lately has been busy. Still getting out over the last few weekends to wander. Here’s the most recent transmission.


One month with the m6 and tri-x. A more complete assortment can be found here and here. These are what I found to be my favorite frames from the month of  December.


Pusan National University subway station.

Film drop: Dec 15th-31st…Kodak Tri-X @400

One month down with the M6. Frames from the first two weeks can be found here. Shooting has been slower as the temperatures have dropped to below freezing and the days have gotten shorter. I am still trying to get out a few times a week although I seem to be dipping indoors much more often. Street photography in wintertime Seoul is tough. I stayed warm at a few exhibitions being held around town. One, a project put together by Magnum photographer on AIDS patients held at the Seoul Arts Center, and another of Lim-Eung Sik, the godfather of Korean photography, who had an interesting collection of images on the transformation of Myeong-dong.

two weeks with the leica m6; kodak tri-x @ 1600…Dec. 2-15

I finally did it. Spent entirely too much money on a 25 year old German rangefinder camera. I read this article a few years ago and have toyed with the idea since. One camera, one lens, one film, one year. Archiving, printing, etc. I am excited about the year to come, who knows where I will be by the end of it.

I also want to make a point of shooting more, not strictly street. The frames below should progress from street to unpeopled cityscape to friends, nightlife, etc.

I got a chance to look through the new Magnum book of contact sheets, and had the idea to post the all the raw bits here. I know there are a lot of frames, but sometimes it’s nice to see the hits and misses.

Film Drop: B&W, Kodak Tmax 400, Ilford Delta 3200, Ilford hp5

I broke my collarbone skateboarding last weekend and since then I’ve been digging through the archives a bit. I can’t do anything active or get a camera up to my eye yet, so there’s not too much else to do. Here are a few B&W rolls I dug out from the past few months.



Film Drop: Holga 120, Kodak Tmax and Portra

A few months back in the lackadaisical summer I started to fool around more with my holga (cheap medium format camera well known for ruining expensive film). I posted some of the color images here. I liked the way the images cohered, all sharing the same lo-fi qualities. I have been carrying the camera around a bit and trying to use it in different ways. I also started putting black and white through it. I’ve built up a pile of shots. Here are a most of them.


Dasein Video

Just a quick post today as I am slightly under the weather. At any rate, in my morning blog checks, I stumbled across Chase Jarvis’s video about his Dasein Project that I posted about a little while ago. I really like the way that Chase thinks and his approach to his life and his photography.

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