Yeongtong in the Spring

Well, it’s finally warming up enough for the magnolia trees and cherry blossoms to bloom.

After the long, brown, and colourless winter, the spring is always such a wonderful season (even with the yellow dust). The colours are so welcoming, and on a nice warm day like today it’s hard for me not to go for a wander around my neighbourhood and take a few pictures and share them with you.

Of course, the cherry blossoms, which are everywhere, always seem to really wait for the last minute to emerge. They almost tease you with one or two trees here and there coming out early, while the rest wait just until the right moment. I’m quite excited  about next week when all of the trees will be in their full spring splendour (yes, I know they’re bloody flowers on trees).

You can get an idea of what to expect from my post last year.

Tiding of Spring – Vogue Girl Korea

Absolutely stunning spread from Vogue Girls 2011 spring issue!!!

Just look at all those colors, patterns, and flowers mixed around with traditional clothing shapes and imagery ♥

It's Official!

The Cherry Blossoms have finally bloomed, and Spring has finally sprung in Busan! 

So Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and Happy Weekend!  Spring is here and I could not be happier about it!!

The First Bloom of Spring ♥ Korea 2012

After an extra long winter and random snow just when it was starting to get warm~ At last the first bloom has started for spring here in Korea!  Nara and I found some small trees on the side of the road starting to open up so we jumped out to take a quick pic or two!

Soon Korea will be filled with beautiful flowers~ I can’t wait! ♥

{{happy friday}}


Paper goods by Fair Morning Blue

This weekend is going to be relaxing >

Staying in to start on my 25 page research paper for special populations in art.

Turning the wheels for a collaborative project with E and a coffee business.

Sunday will be the best! A day with two lovely ladies, paper crafting, baking, and swooning over

Spring Comes..

Posting today to share another beautiful photo shoot from Korean Vogue Girl that I dug up from 2011~

Spring themed with beautiful flowers all over the models ♥

friendly suggestions for the new season!


Cherry blossoms

Week #5- Spring Sprung

#5- Spring Sprung\

cherry blossoms, apartment towers
bundang, gyeonggi-do, south korea

“i can’t smell a thing can’t see their pink
but they’ll find branches next spring”


May Day

Happy Spring!

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