Upgrade Time!

I got a new toy.

2013-05-02 14.15.05

For those of you who follow this blog regularly you’ll know I like to take pictures. For a while I’ve been using a Sony DSC model, intially the H5 which I bought in 2006 while on holiday in Thailand (I lost my point and shoot at a waterfall in Laos), and then after I thought I lost that I was loaned indefinitely my brother-in-law’s H9, which is a lovely camera.

I’ve been getting more and more obsessed with taking pictures, mainly thanks to my phone which allows for frequent and simple snapping, and of course tied in with this is Instagram, which I probably overdo a little.

The Point-and-Shoot: Dying Technology

Recently I have had the chance to play around with two recent iterations of the classic digital point-and-shoot. Now I am not going to start a rant about whether a point-and-shoot is worth of being mentioned on this blog or what not. I am also not going to start up that age old discussion about whether or not they are better than a fully-loaded DSLR. Nope, I am going to discuss the revelation I had when I cracked open the box to a new Samsung MV-800.

Sony and Samsung

Gangwon-do in Autumn

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