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Dear Korea #078 - Sorry for the Party Rocking

Dear Korea #078

Happy December everyone! As promised, here is a new comic to make up for the lack of one last week!

I don’t know if it’s just my old age catching up to me, but I just can’t seem to keep up with some of these work parties that I’m often invited to go out to. They actually do these parties in rounds, which I think is kind of funny. Round one will usually involve dinner, and round two can be anything from going to a bar to drink more to getting coffee. I can usually handle that, but it’s those nights that have four to five rounds that really get me.

Dear Korea #055 - Insomniac TV

Dear Korea #055

This seems to happen to me every single time. Speaking of which, I actually drew this late at night when a bunch of movies I like decided to come on back to back. I didn’t end up getting to bed until around 6AM.

I guess it makes sense, seeing how most of the movies and shows I entertain myself with are in English, and Koreans may generally prefer to watch stuff in their own language during the day. Maybe I just need a different cable provider. Maybe I should just watch less television. The latter is probably the better idea.

Dear Korea #048 - Warm & Cozy Heated Floors

Dear Korea #048

Why is it that heat coming from the floor feels so much better than heat being blasted from vents? I don’t know, but Korea (at least the apartments I’ve been to) got it right. While it hasn’t really been cold enough to justify keeping the heat on, it has come in handy on those randomly cold nights we’ve been having the past few weeks.

Dear Korea #042

Dear Korea #042

Not a very impressive comic, I know. They will start getting better (eventually…hopefully?).

Call me a dweeb, but I think I tend to stress out more than I actually should when I know someone from overseas is visiting. I tend to take on this silent obligation that every single moment they spend here needs to be perfect, and will more than often lead to me using a lot of money and time. What can I say? Do unto others, right?

Dear Korea #040 - Crazy Ninja Mosquitos

Dear Korea #040

Sadly, this one is based on very true events. I woke up with 12 mosquito bites, and I still can’t find the creep that did it. I know this is an issue that people all over the world face, but there’s just something about Korean mosquitoes. This is coming from someone who grew up in Houston, Texas…which is pretty much a city sitting in a swamp.

I’ve seen people here have some seriously bad reactions to mosquito bites. Lucky for me, I just get red swelling (and lack of sleep).

Has anyone else had any bad experiences with mosquitoes out here?

Dear Korea #030

Dear Korea #030

Another one based off of very true events. While it may have been a pleasant surprise for some, it definitely wasn’t for me, especially since I was spending my first few nights in Korea at my aunt’s house. They really like that Kenny G. music in the background.

Dear Korea #025

Dear Korea #025

Another one based on (multiple) true events. It didn’t help that it was a work day.

What basically happened was that a drunk man had been outside the apartment I live in, screaming “야!!!” (which translates into an informal version of “HEY!!!”) for about three hours. I think it’s safe to assume that it was over a woman, as there was a very angry looking lady sitting by the window he was yelling towards.

Oh Korean drama. I dislike you on and off the screen.

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