Who Snores Now, Huh?



Putting It All Together

Traveling. Climbing. Health and nutrition. These are the three things that inspire me to live my life to the fullest. For a long time I was only doing these things when I could. I was always trying to fit them into the cracks of my life that formed around working, paying bills and running errands. It’s a frustrating thing when you can’t do what you really want but instead have to spend the majority of your time doing things you don’t want to.

Reasons Why I Love Jet-Lag #273


Staring at the ceiling for two hours in the hope that the excitement of it will bore you back to sleep.

Reason #1 why I love my job...

Went out last night to celebrate a good friendship and have my last drink of alcohol for a month (after eye surgery it is recommended to not drink because the blood vessels in your eyes swell when you do) and I never go out on school nights. Woke up on time for school (if my normal 10 minutes before I need to leave is "on time") with only a slight hangover which is a surprise after that bottle of Cook's Champagne! I taught 5 classes this morning, with the students doing roles plays (ie. I don't have to do much) and am now getting ready to head up to the nurses office for a little cat nap. Nothing wrong with that in Korea, they all do it. Totally one bandwagon I will jump onto! Naps are the best thing ever created, hands down.

Rant and Rave of the Week 4: Good morning Mr Kim

“Good Morning, Mr Kim” These are not the first words that instantly come to mind when being woken up to the sound of metal pipes being dropped twenty foot into a large hole. This clangorous assault on my sleep is accompanied by the inconsistent banging of a hammer, a utility van with its engine running while blasting out K-Pop as men attempt to shout over the noise. It’s Tuesday, seven in the morning – not my ideal wake-up call as I was expecting at least another uninterrupted hour in bed.

Of course, alarm clocks are normally not a sound people like and can be associated with that of a crying baby or somebody dragging their finger nails down a chalkboard. Generally these are universally considered sounds of aural torture. I have yet to speak to anybody who when asked what music they like, reply with ‘a cat on heat’.

Lullabies, AC/DC, and a new Korean sleep product for children

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that Koreans sleep less than they should. Need a hint? Try looking at how many are sleeping (or trying to sleep) on the subway, bus, or while waiting for a restaurant to deliver lunch. The sleeping habits engendered by kids often carry on to adulthood, which doesn’t bode well for a lot of reasons. Something about staying up late to do homework after going to multiple hagwon, only to look forward to more the next day. Yeah, sleep would be a respite – too bad none of my students seem to get enough of it.

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