After Sunset

After Sunset

this image  i taken  in yeongdeungpo, Seoul.. i was taken this moment  after  sunset...more or less 30minutes   ago.



Sunset Beach

Troubled Water

Peaceful Bog

Contrast Before Dark

Soft as Spring

Yangsan Sky Bridge

We’re very lucky to live in Yangsan, a beautiful suburb north of Busan. We’re surrounded by mountains, friendly people, and most recently a SUBWAY (sandwiches), which basically sealed the deal that we live in the best place in Korea. ;) We love going on walks and utilizing all of the walking paths that line the river running through the city. This day was a gorgeous Sunday, so we finally decided to check out one of the many bridges along the river! This one looks like a swan from far away, and also does a light/water show at night that we’ll have to check out sometime. For now, enjoy the video! :)

Home to If I Had A Minute To Spare Towers

I kid because I love. But in this case I’m not kidding. I do live in a tower, a twenty storey high tower pitched between what seems like a thousand other twenty storey high towers. Although mine is made from concrete, steel, and glass, not ivory. This may or may not be a good thing.


After a long summer away in Ireland, myself, Herself, and +1 have returned to our perch overlooking the ever present traffic which persists along that big long avenue that runs through Yeongtong-dong which I have no idea of the name.

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