silla dynasty

How To Write A Historical Novel

Do, from within, the same work of reconstruction which the nineteenth-century archaeologists have done from without.

Only one other figure in history has tempted me with nearly the same insistence: Omar Khayyam, the poet-astronomer. But the life of Khayyam is that of the pure contemplator, and of the somber skeptic, too; the world of action meant little to him. Furthermore, I do not know Persia, nor do I know its language.

Destination: Golden Splendors - The Royal Tomb of Silla (National Museum of Korea, Seoul)

Once buried under tons of rock and dirt, this exhibition of (mostly) authentic relics from Korea's Silla Dynasty is given new life - and exhibit space - decades after they were first discovered. Dating back to the 4th and 5th centuries, they tell the stories of kings and queens, burial rituals, and the handing of power from dead to living. Since the tomb's excavation in the 1970's, there hasn't been much seen by the public.

Destination: Tomb hunting in Gyeongju

While in town to see Bulguksa and Seokguram Grotto, my girlfriend and I meandered through the downtown area of Gyeongju. The city is known as a 'museum without walls' for a reason. Many of the ancient displays are right there for the public to see - and there's more to see than you'll have time for. Since there's quite a few sights within walking distance, we stored our stuff in a locker at the bus terminal and headed out.

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