A Ferry to the Oryukdo Islands

Korean Folklore

We first spotted the Oryukdo Islands toward the end of our hike down the coast of Igidae Park. A string of rocky and uninhabited landmasses, these islands are the most notable feature along Busan’s coastline. In order to get a better look, we took an evening ferry trip which looped around them.


Life in Korea: shipping stuff home - or - help, there's no UPS!

So you just found that perfect thing for your mom and your brother from Breda's recent gift guide - now it's time to ship it home. Oh, snap - WHERE'S THE UPS AROUND HERE?!

While there are FedEx/Kinko's stores or Tara stores around (Tara's the local name for DHL), you're better off finding the closest Korean post office and taking it there instead. It's not only cheaper, but once you get past the language barrier, a bit easier to use than you might expect.

Here's a chart of how long stuff should take when using Korea's postal service:

Destination: Han River Cruise

It's a little embarrassing, but after two-plus years there are still quite a few 'touristy' things around Seoul and Korea I've yet to see. For some there's a plausible reason (no plans on the seeing the DMZ the way tensions are right now) while I just hadn't gotten around to others. That had been my excuse for not trying a Han river cruise - the sort that leave from Yeouido or Jamsil. The Lady in Red was up for the trip, so off we went.

How do I ship all my stuff overseas via cargo ship container?

Hi everyone,

I am going to be leaving Korea soon after a year and a half. As many of you know, it's easy to acquire lots of stuff over that amount of time and although most you can sell or give away, some stuff you just need to bring back.

Someone told me that you can ship lots of stuff for cheap via cargo boat but it takes a while to arrive. I will be shipping mine to the west coast of the USA. The amount of stuff is significant, and I won't be able to do it via regular post (Large computer monitor, speakers, camping gear, espresso machine, etc.)

I figure Busan is a fairly large port and there must be some place where you could buy space on a container headed to the US. Does anyone know anything about this or who to call?

Any info would help. Thanks in advance!

-Kyle from Gimhae

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