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Seoul Santacon: So be good for goodness sake!


There are few times in life when I believe it is appropriate for a group of friends to wear bright and matching outfits, disregard the personal space and solitude of others in public and obnoxiously sing childish songs while moving from one drinking establishment to another. One of these times would have to be Seoul Santacon.

There’s an app for that – Korean-related apps for your iDevice

It’s hard to ignore Apple’s presence in the smartphone / tablet world – or the apps available for them. I recently picked up an iPad to replace / upgrade from a first-gen iPod Touch, and decided to take a fresh look at the apps that cover Korea. (Note – all ratings out of 5 taeguks)

First up: Daegu Tour, anyone?

Surviving Your First Month in Korea


That first month after taking a new job in South Korea can be one of the hardest. It's not just that you're adjusting to a new country and a new job, but you're also going to be living on whatever meager savings you brought with you until that magical first pay check comes in. If you've been responsible and saved some cash for the occasion - your $1500 or so will be more than enough. If you're like me and come over on a whim, you might be trying to stretch $800 or so. That's definitely doable, but here are a few tips for making that money last while still having a good time.

Most Korean jobs pay monthly, so you're going to need to make that money last for at least four weeks. Thankfully Korea is a really cheap place to live, so with the tips below you'll be right.

Seoul to Chuncheon by subway (the Gyeongchun and Jungang line)

OK, so this might be a little old, but it happened as I was gearing up for vacation.

Travel around Seoul and Gyeonggi-do got a little bit easier as 2010 came to a close:

The Seoul subway system has featured posters such as these in every station I’ve visited recently. For the sake of non-Korean readers (and people who love reading about travel in South Korea), let’s break this down.

Subway extension opens February 18th

This public service traveling announcement is brought to you by the Seoul subway system.

February 18 at 11am, an extension on line 3 will open up through southeast Seoul. Three stations past the current terminus of Suseo will extend the line to Garak Market (transfer to line 8) the National Police Hospital (new line 3 station) and the new terminus of Ogeum (transfer to line 5). For those of you who learn better through pictures, here's the sign seen in the subway:

Random Seoul subway news - additions and name changes

Christmas often brings gifts - and this December the Seoul subway system has a few things to be aware of.

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