Palsaik (팔색삼겹살) is a popular chain restaurant in Korea. I...

Palsaik (팔색삼겹살) is a popular chain restaurant in Korea. I recommend getting the 8-color set for 30,000₩ so you can share 8-types of marinated pork with your friend(s).

Out for a delicious 삼겹살 (samgyeopsal) dinner. It’s pork,...

Out for a delicious 삼겹살 (samgyeopsal) dinner. It’s pork, cut thinly (but thicker than bacon). I never used to like it very much, but I’ve developed a whole new appreciation for it recently.

Korean Barbecue, Samgyeopsal, grilled poork belly, South Korea

In my last post I already introduced the  Korean barbecue, here I discuss the Samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly). Its the most popular Korean cuisine. As I told you in Korea BBQ style food or the grilled foos is really popular. The electric grilled are placed on each table in the restaurants. The grilling is usually done with charcoal which makes it super delicious.
The samgyeopsaal is generally eaten in parties and with a group of people, enjoy it with soju and beer.

Korean Food USA: Cha:n


Korean Food USA: Gen Korean BBQ

Top 5 Late-Night Korean Eats: NYC Edition

Korean Food USA: Wako Honey Pig

Korean Food USA is a new series that showcases Korean and Korean-inspired eateries all around the nation.

A drive away south of L.A. into Orange County is a KBBQ oasis that focuses on the pure and natural flavors of the meat they serve. Wako Honey Pig in Buena Park doesn’t have the average steak or samgyeopsal (pork belly); instead they take a no-nonsense, purist approach to their meat and focuses on the quality of food over quantity—which isn’t to say they skimp on the meat, because they sure don’t.

Intro to Korean BBQ

See video

Having Korean BBQ for the first time in Daegu

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