Dear Korea #127 - Adorably Broke

Dear Korea #127

My weakness for cute stuff is so bad,  it’s embarrassing. Five years in Korea has left me with so much junk I’ll never actually need or use. It’s a sickness.

Dear Korea #076 - This Does Not Sparkle

Dear Korea #076

Good Monday everyone! I hope you all had an awesome pre-Halloween weekend! Did anyone dress up? A bunch of friends and I went as the Gender Bender Avengers. It should go without saying, but we were awesome.

Anyways, the idea for this week’s comic was sent to me by a good friend of mine. He told me how he often likes to buy flowers for his very lucky lady, and how the Korean flower shop he goes to tends to make everything overly fancy. Decorating stuff is totally cool, but I don’t know too many guys that enjoy the idea of walking home with a flashy glitter bouquet. While I do think he’s managed to get them to ease up on the ribbons and extra stuff, they seem to be quite pushy on the glitter issue.

Dear Korea #067

Dear Korea #067

Yikes, this one’s much later than I had originally anticipated for it to be. If it helps, I did have family visiting from the states. Anyone that knows what that’s like while trying to juggle work at the same time should understand what I mean when I say that it was quite possibly one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in a long while. Overall, it was fun, and now I’m left with enough boxed macaroni and cheese to last me the entire year.

Anyways, while I’m not sure if there’s an actual translation for the term 서비씨 (seobissi), I assume it’s a spin on the the word “service”. Either way, I can’t help but get excited whenever I hear any sort of shopkeep utter those magical words.

Dear Korea #059 - In Need of Bigger Pants

Dear Korea #059

To any readers out there that enjoy wearing skinny jeans, I sincerely apologize if this strip offends you. While I will admit that some people out there look pretty darn good in skinny jeans/leggings/anything not baggy, I am not one of those people. I am also not one of those people that really enjoys seeing really tight pants on most other people, especially guys. What can I say? I like my men with some meat on ‘em. Maybe I’m just jealous of the average Korean guy’s super slender legs.

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