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One of my favorite things about Seoul is that it is scattered with hidden gems, unsuspecting and obscure, that offer those that are lucky enough to discover them a special treat.  Restaurants, cafes, galleries, and bars are easy to find in Korea's capital city, but it's the ones tucked into back alleys and inconspicuous buildings that allure me the most, making me feel as if I've been let in on a secret when I find them.  

Pretty Flowers

I forgot to post these from April~  but check out the beautiful flower arrangement Nara had delivered to me for my Birthday!!  Korean flower arrangements are so beautiful compared to the ones back home~

So much color!!!  It cheered me up a lot since I get lonely here when it is my Birthday~

The arrangement was fairly large, so I was able to split it up into 3 vases around my room.

Question from a reader: Relaxing and romantic getaways?

A reader writes in:

I'm wondering, besides Jeju, what would you consider the best place in Korea for a romantic overnight/weekend getaway? I'm talking relaxation, not like a "romantic" hike on Seoraksan. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeju is definitely a romantic place, don't get me wrong. Until recently, the island was considered the honeymoon spot for Koreans, and a number of hotels offered honeymooner services that broke the ice for the new couple to, um, introduce themselves to each other. Unfortunately, the island is a plane ride away - not the easiest thing to spontaneously plan. The following suggestions, therefore, recognize that getting away needs to be reasonably easy.

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