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Weekend: ENGLAND!

I can't believe it's already the 2nd of December! That means my Monday morning started with 2 pieces of my advent calendar chocolate bar! Small things!
Advent Calendar
I have to say that my first weekend in England feels more like a week, just because I managed to get so much done. I'm all cobwebby and dusty at the moment as I've spent today running up and down into the attic, trying to clear out some of my things! I feel insanely energised after going to bed really early last night after a long weekend! But this pile that I need to sort out makes me kind of feel exhausted!


My favourite skater! I wish I could do half of that stuff off skates, never mind on skates! Can you spot a Korea reference in the video?!

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Autumn Days

Things have been ridiculously hectic since my mum left Busan and I feel like I've been a bit neglectful on here, not reading the blogs I used to everyday and hardly having any time to comment. But, it's all in aid of our new, exciting adventure. Argentina in 54 days.

Our Weekend: Roller Derby and Kimchi Competitions

I spent over 8 hours on a train on Saturday headed up to Pyeongtek to the American Military Base there. The ROKD roller derby team had a mixed scrimmage with the OH! derby team so it was all very exciting. It's my first time to play in Korea with a full size team, it felt so good to be back on skates and playing competitively, and what was even better was that my team won! Not that it was any surprise as half of my team were Ninja Turtles. Hurray...not that I'm competitive or anything! It was really nice to see all the girls as I think that will be my last time to skate with them before I go home, only 5 weekends left! Eeeek!

Weekend Wishlist: Hello Kitty Moxi Roller Skates

I remember when I first started roller derby, I was signing up to every single roller derby boot camp that I could. My favourite by far was one held in Birmingham with both Estro Jen and Bonnie D. Stroir in 2009. Ever since that weekend I have loved both skaters, particularly Estro Jen.

She could do things on skates that I wouldn't even attempt when both my feet were planted fimrly on the ground. I never really take the time to think about people who I think are good role models but she is someone who I really admire and respect.

Our Weekend

This weekend was mostly about makeolli drinking and kimchijeon devouring. Rainy day museum wandering. Brunch at 3pm. Roller derby and random British films. Has anyone seen the film Sightseers which is based in my home county, Yorkshire? Tasha recommended it. Very bizarre but made us laugh a lot.

I'm also lacking in photos this weekend as I didn't really take my camera out!
Deokcheon, Korea
Cheese Kimchijeon

Jamming: Comfort zones and blocking zones

I loved the scene in Girls where Hannah went for a job at an advertising agency. The lady who interviewed her went into thorough detail about their wall art as though it was some very complex threorum that a normal person wouldn't be able to get their head around. The piece looked something like this:
Girls' comfort zones
I'd say that everyone gets this idea, even Hannah couldn't seem to understand why the lady thought it was such a hard concept to grasp. It's whether or not you have the energy to take the first step out of your comfort zone which makes the idea viable or not.

Our Weekend: A tour of Daegu's parks

This weekend started on Friday night with the English department's first meal of the year, which I'll tell you more about later. I left around 10:30 to pack ready for my weekend in Daegu.

Daegu is about an hour away on the KTX from Busan. This is where my closest roller derby team is. After I strap on my skates, it's always well worth the journey, the team are all so nice and the hours whizz past so fast. The other half of the league who are based up in Seoul came down to join us, and one of the girls brought her sister along, Kim Jen Illin, who plays for Durango Roller Girls.

After practice Nick and I headed out for some dinner, but retreated back to the motel earlyish as we were both so exhausted due to roller derby and football. We'd decided to stay close to Dongdaegu train station as there are lots of motels there, and it also meant we could leave our stuff in a locker there to pick up later.

Shop Local

I have some incredibly talented friends, not only are they knock outs on skates, but they're industrious little bees that sell amazing products.

If you have access to the internet, or find yourself lucky enough to be in or around Sheffield, you should check them out.


The White Rabbit and Cocoa Wonderland

On Wednesday I got in the car and drove down to Nottingham to meet up with my friend Hannah. Hannah and I went to Nottingham Trent University together from 2005-2008 (it makes me feel so old when I say that). 
Nottingham Market Square

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