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Destination: Pinnacle and the Antidote / Rock Tigers

In the interest of documenting a kick-ass show at DGBD, I present this photo essay courtesy of Angie Gilman. She’s a writer with the Lonely Planet that came out to the show, sharing a story about how a monkey stole her Canon in Thailand. She did some pretty cool stuff with my Nikon D80, although all edits and words below are my own. Lest my wonderful readers think I lend my expensive camera to any person with a sob story, she was a friend of a friend.

Having recently written about them for the Groove, I give you Pinnacle and the Antidote:

Destination: Burlesque (WARNING: NSFW)

Now that I have your attention, this post should be considered NSFW - teachers, don't scroll down while there's kiddies - or bosses - around. You have been warned. The Frills and Thrills Burlesque Review featured several appropriately-named ladies strutting their stuff in the classic Burlesque way. Showing off lots of skin wasn't on tap, but being sensual and naughtier than normal certainly got

Molotov Vibrations - or - another Hongdae fundraiser / concert

When good intentions meet good bands, a couple things happen. First, some money and goodwill are raised. Second, more than a few people get together to enjoy the celebrations, possibly mingling with those trying to do some good. While the party went fine, there were a few areas that could be improved for next time.

10,000 won earned you a stamp on the hand and a bottle of Smirnoff Ice, while raffle tickets were available for a number of prizes. When asked, however, neither volunteer could say when the drawing would be...

Before long, Rubber Duckie came up to play as the first act:

CD reviews: Rock Tigers and ...Whatever That Means

A version of ...Whatever That Means' CD Review was published in the June 2010 issue of the Groove.

Rock Tigers - Rock'n'Roll Licence

Being the self-proclaimed 'pioneers of Korean rockabilly' comes with some responsibilities. On one hand, you have to stay true to the genre that fans love. On the other hand, you have to add your own touch instead of just playing covers of songs made popular by other people.

Destination: Groove / Seoul Style party (Club FF, Hongdae)

Like a wedding or coming out party, whenever two things are joined at the hip there's gotta be a celebration. As someone who writes for both the Groove Magazine and SeoulStyle, I was invited to join the festivities - and rock out to the four excellent bands playing at Club FF. Quite a few Hongdae club-goers showed up as well - it's not every day two relatively popular bands take the stage

Rock Tigers - published in the Groove Magazine (April 2010)

Author's note: A version of this article was published in April 2010's Groove Magazine. Photos in the printed copy may or may not be the same as those below.

Kimchibilly Night (rockabilly concert)

Define rockabilly: a genre of music, blending rock and hillbilly with blues, bluegrass, and country. A rockabilly band typically features a slap guitar, drums, and at least one other guitar (electric, bass, or acoustic), but may include other instruments as well. Popular artists include Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly, while the genre influenced artists from the Beatles to the Stray Cats. The genre currently enjoys a small but established space with genres including punk and jazz - genres not in the mainstream, but not completely obscure. See the Wikipedia page on rockabilly for an excellent primer on the subject.

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