Western Digital My Book Essential 2 TB External Hard Drive

One of the strangest things I have found these days is how expensive external hard drives are in Korea. I have always championed the fact that Korean Online shopping will find what you need and cheaper than relying on other websites like Amazon. However, when looking for a new hard drive to backup my photos I was shocked to find that Korea offers a) few options over 500gb and b) very expensive prices. I was left scratching my head.

Nexto Portable Hard Drives

One of the useful tools that I have used over the years has to be the Nexto Portable Hard Drive. I first got one when some fellow photographers ordered a few and I decided to throw-in for one. It was a great decision and I feel that I must share because in the world of portable hard drives, this Korean-made one stands out.

Why it stands out to me is mostly because of the design. The original one featured a card reader on the side, the fast upgraded version featured a CF card slot and a one-touch “dumping” system, as I call it. In just over a few minutes, you can dump an entire 8 gb full of raw files. If you shoot jpg, it is blazingly fast. Why this is useful is that typically, I only have a few cards on me and if I need to back them up and dump them, I have the ability to do so with out plugging into a computer or waiting to get back home.

Promote Control

For the last little while I have been putting some serious thought into doing some time lapse photography. I was also thinking of how I could add in my own personal taste for HDR. While watching a recent episode of D-Town TV they talked about the Promote Control and how you could use it to improve your HDR by increasing the amount of exposures that you can take. When I researched the Promote Control I found that it not only does HDR but time lapse as well. Suffice to say that I started drooling at once.


I was just watching episode 80 of D-Town TV and RC mentioned this new site that popped up for photographers, called 500px. Now initially I thought to myself “oh another photo-sharing site that is trying to copy flickr” and then when he mentioned about the quality of the photos and I thought “ah yes another site made up by camera-snobs who hate HDR and will rip apart your photos should you dare upload any” but then I took a look at the site and was impressed.

Cool Purchase #2: Trey Ratcliff’s E-Book Bonus Bundle

I love reading the most current material about photography and I love reading beautifully designed book that really jump off the screen. So when I purchased Trey’s ebook bonus bundle, I love reading each volume.  Not to mention a few of the ebook templates were designed by Ulsan’s own Griffin Stewart!!

Cool Purchase #1: Imagenomic’s Noiseware

While I was on a shoot for 10 Magazine, I encountered a problem: noisy pictures. When your are shooting in dark areas and need sharp shots you often need to bump up the iso. The general rule is that you should shoot in the lowest possible iso that you can, in order to reduce the noise. In this case, I was shooting between iso 800 and 1600. Suffice to say that the images were noisy and not up to snuff.

Waygook Photographers


If you are a teacher or someone who is in Korea and spends a lot of time on forums, then you no doubt have heard of The site has been extremely popular in the last several months. The community is trying to be a positive influence and help teachers with everything from lesson plans to how to use your bank card.

Recently a Flickr group was put together by Zeegs to promote the works of photographers from In a matter of days, the group has climbed in numbers and submissions. There is a healthy group of photographers in Korea, so I hope that they continue to grow.

Camera Shopping in Korea

During my morning scan of blogs and forums I came across an interesting thread on that pushed me to write a quick note about shopping for cameras in Korea. The first thread that I read was about a waygook that got scammed at Technomart in Seoul which stemmed from her earlier post where she was trying to get rid of a Canon 550D that she had bought a few weeks ago and felt that she did not need. The responses in the thread made her realize that she paid a lot more for the camera then she should have. From my estimate, she was over-charged about 400,000 to 500,000 won and that is never good.

Photography Resources for Photographers in KOREA

One of the biggest challenges about being a photographer in Korea is skill development. There are a ton of great photographers and clubs here but the language barrier is often a challenge. However there are a ton of great resources in Korea and on the web to help you develop your skill to its highest Potential.

1. Seoul Photography Club

Apparently, I don’t have a minute to spare…

…So I can’t really make the wonderful posts my regular readers will have become accustomed to.

Last time I wrote one of these posts I was very anxious about my lack of posting. Right now, I probably don’t have the time to sit down and write this post, but I’m going to do it anyway because I want to and I’m a grown up who (sometimes) can deal with the consequences of my own actions. Grrrr.

It had been bothering me up until an hour ago that because I was so busy – I am, really, in a good way – I hadn’t been able to update this blog. Then I thought about it. Of all the blogs that I subscribe to…well the regular posts from most of them have dried up. I asked myself, why? Well, it’s obvious – the writer is busy.

So I should suck it up, do the job, and when I get the time (I’m guessing June) then I can post away to my hearts content.

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