A Personal History of Haebangchon

I like Haebangchon. I have only lived there briefly, but I lived nearby for a while and spent many formative years in Korea there. I made a lot of friends there, and I still have plenty who float in and out of bars and cafés and shout and wave at me when I turn up on random sorties. A bit like me, Haebangchon has changed a lot, and I’d even say it has become more sophisticated, but still with its old town grit that people come back for so much.

Apartment Renting for Expats. Oh, and Clothes Too.

Hello readers.


So much for that lovely autumn weather I wanted to keep for another week before winter winds started blowin' in.(After writing this sentence, I felt like something was strange. When I went back to read it again I realized that it rhymes awkwardly. I like it! I'll keep it!).

Anyway, enough of the rhyming shenanigans for now. I'm serious, it's COLD. WHAT HAPPENED? I stuck a hand out my front door yesterday morning to test the air. It seemed chilly, but nothing too bad. I was pretty sure my light weight jacket and a scarf could handle it.


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