Andrew Goes to Korea: The Gay Christian Debate

Andrew Cheng wrote a summary of the July 25th debate between Pastors Paul Warren and Daniel Payne on whether or not the bible condemns homosexuality. An excerpt of his post is below:

Translation: 'Let's protect and support homosexuals'... Daejeon City's Ordinance Ammendment Causes Ripples

Today's translation is from an article over at the Kukmin Ilbo.  The political leanings of the religious paper can be seen clearly, which, along with the contents, can deepen our understanding on how rights for sexual minorities in Korea are both established and attacked. 

An Interview with Joey Rositano, Photographer of Jeju Shamanism

Joey Rositano is not your ordinary expat. Hailing from Nashville, the Tennessee native has called Jeju-do, an island off the southern coast of South Korea, home for the past nine years. 

Gayspeak: 탈동성애자 (Ex-homosexual)

Today's word is used mostly by the religious right for those who have 'left' their homosexual ways.

탈동성애자 (tal-dong-seong-ae-ja) 

So, what does 탈동성애자 mean? Understanding the word is quite easy. 동성애자 is a homosexual, and 탈 is the Chinese character 脫, which means take off or remove. The whole praying the gay away phenomenon. Yikes.

South Korea's Top 3 Temples

I love sharing my experiences in Korea with you guys, but let's face it... my eyes can only see so much. So, to give you a bit of a wider perspective, I am now accepting guest posts on Seoul Searching. I'm excited to announce that the first contributor is Dale Quarrington, Korean temple aficionado and author of Korean Temples: From Korea’s Southeast Corner, with his top three temples in Korea. Check out his post below.

I Love Seoul, I Like Temple: Temple Stay Diary


Watch Our Video about our Temple Experience Here:


The Offense Rests: a (Rather) Cross Examination of the Jehova’s Witnesses

My latest piece over at Sweet Pickles and Corn, on the reason I’m just not destined for eternal life:

The Offense Rests: a (Rather) Cross Examination of the Jehova’s Witnesses.

The Offense Rests: a (Rather) Cross Examination of the Jehova’s Witnesses

Queer Links from the Week

Queer Links from the Week

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