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Blood Type Condoms?

With thanks to Cate Newton of for passing it on, here is her handy infographic on the practice of blood typing, which notes the wide variety of blood type-themed products in Japan despite there being no scientific validity to the practice whatsoever.

Korean “Double In-Laws”… and Other Dramas!

( Wedding Day by summer park )

An interesting question from Curtis, a reader with a slightly unusual family in which 2 brothers from one family married 2 sisters from another. And as you will see, with logical concerns about how this might be received by Koreans:

Dear James,

From Asian to Caucasian: Update

( Businesswoman by the_toe_stubber )

A recent comment on my post From Asian to Caucasian: Response From a Reader from last year, and which I’m sure you’ll all agree is worth highlighting here rather than having it wasted unread in obscurity on an old post!

Open Thread #5: So What?

( Source: RaySoda )

To get you started, a provocative comment I just received on an old post, which would be wasted in obscurity there. With apologies to the author if this sounds impolite, but I ultimately find much of his argument superficial, although it’s always good to have one’s views tested:

What IS the Age of Consent in South Korea?

Considering the abysmal state of sex education in Korea, part and parcel of a society reluctant to admit that teenagers have sex or even sexuality, then the notion that it’s only thirteen sounds simply absurd.

Korean Sociological Image #29: JYP and the Objectification of Women

( Source: 뮤지컬이야기 )

What’s wrong with this advertisement?

When I first saw it, I couldn’t really put my finger on it, other than noting the similarity to some iconic but controversial Robert Palmer music videos. Which was kind of ironic, considering what Park Jin-young (박진영) is putting his fingers on.

Korean Sociological Image #28: Cosmetic Surgery Advertisements Featuring Caucasians

I’ve never done any systematic study of advertisements for Korean cosmetic surgery clinics. But still, I’d wager that the overwhelming majority do not feature Caucasians.

The Alphabetization of Korean Women’s Body Types: Origins

Open Thread #2

( Source: Jeong-in )

Some graffiti-art for your enjoyment this week, as I rarely see any in Korea (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing). Now that I look at it more closely though, I’m not entirely certain if it is actually Korean? There are no details at the Korean photography blog I got it from unfortunately.

Open Thread #1

( Source: RaySoda )

Why didn’t I think of this months ago?^^

With the proviso that most visitors to a blog about gender and sexuality are usually rather disappointed with what they find(!), the good news is that the popularity of my blog has grown dramatically in recent months, and I really enjoy and appreciate all the additional comments and emails I’ve been getting as a result.

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