Anybody who produces, performs, or loves Rap/Hip-Hop?

Hello everybody,

I am a California native vacationing out here in Busan, Korea. I love composing, performing listening to Rap/Hip-Hop music in English and Korean. I am wondering if there are anybody in the Busan area who share similar interests as me. I want to create a group or a meet where we can exchange or create music or just simply hang out. Feel free to reply here and contact me. Thanks!

Music + Art + Cocktails at Mixture Experiment’s MADCUBE Show

Today I have a really great cocktail bar to share with you nestled down the side streets of Itaewon!  If you are a fan of art, graffiti, rap, skateboarding, and Seoul’s underground scene you will really enjoy the awesome and creative space of  Mixture Experiment!

Megook Movement presents Paid Dues @ Vinyl Underground

Saturday, May 19, 2012 - 21:00

On May 19th the Megook Movement will be presenting Paid Dues at the Vinyl Underground in KSU. The show will be gathering a total of 8 expat hiphop acts from Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju and Seoul all together for one truly special night of hiphop music and culture in Busan.

There will be a party bus headed from Gwangju. Book you tickets ASAP. See link for details.

5,000 won cover

Line Up

Megook Movement
Sammy Clay
DJ Chad
DA Green
Flowz Lyrical
PMP Machine

Artist Info

Megook Movement (Gwangju)

Crown J is Gangsta!

Big ups to Brian in Jeollanam-Do for the heads up on this story. I couldn’t keep myself from posting about it.

It appears that Korean and American rap artists have more in common than I thought.

Last week,  K-rapper  Crown J was arrested in Seoul for smoking weed during his recent stay in Atlanta, GA, where he was recording songs for an upcoming album release.

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