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Islamists, nazis….or the joy of going back to square one-Europe edition

Recently in Europe there have been a lot of talk about the rising of the right wing extremism. (with the recent Norwegian massacre…among other things.)   

Yes people, I am proud to announce you that nazism is back in fashion! This winter take your favourite black boots and brown shirts out of your closets as this seems to be the safe bet…if safe means not having to swimm for your life out of a small Norwegian island. So, show off your most beautiful swastika…svasticah… I never know how to write or pronounce that word…I guess I am not aryen enough to be able to master the nazi vocabulary…weirdly enough I have no problem pronouncing “al qaeda” or “sharia law”…amazing isn’t it? they made it so easier for the rest of us…

Quick thought on Gilbert Gottfried’s misadventure…

The comedian Gilbert Gottfried got fired by his employer Aflac for making jokes about Japan. Was it too soon to joke? Waiting one more month  would have been different? Can we laugh about everything? Were his jokes funny? Ok, I am not the one to be objective about it as I laugh very easily and about everything. And should I feel guilty about that? No, I don’t think so.

Well, what I am sure is that aiming a comedian is a very easy target. Isn’t it his job to make jokes? Should we censor those who are here to make us laugh? There is a fine line between a good joke and an insult, but in that case I really don’t think that Gottfried crossed that line. It may not have been the best jokes ever made but if we want to get angry at someone, we’d better aim those who really don’t care about the japanese people and also about us.

One day you’ll be mine!

  • I want to find the perfect furniture for my new flat, but there are no Ikea in Korea! How am I supposed to know what goes with what, if a multinational company doesn’t show me the way? Deciding by myself is too hard! I miss those perfectly arranged bedrooms and bathrooms of Ikea…and also their swedish candies  -ah! Marabout chocolate!! One day you’ll be mine!!!!
  • I want to finally be able to fit in my little mini skirt without having to starve myself for days…and without having to slide it all the way down to my waist from the top of my body… ah! Korean size skirt!


Those perfectly useless things I’d like to do.

  • I would like to go to the most crowded place in Busan and shout “Kim!” and see how many people would actually turn around and eventually pick my favourite.
  • I would like to see where those “ajummas” (old ladies) are actually going at 4 in the morning when I am going back home after a party, even though I perfectly know where they are going!To the mountain or just around the building for a walk!

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