rainy day


My friend and I dangle our legs from the barstools and tip the glasses to our lips. She turns, rocks, drops her phone in one swift movement. Picking it up, rising with an exhale, she is resigned before she sees it.

“So easy to break.”

I grip the cold glass. The ice twitches and I contemplate my own fragility.

It’s a different kind of weakness, isn’t it? The rain can touch my skin and I’ll keep on. Drop me, I’ll fall and I’ll bleed. I’ll heal.

But I’ll remember.

These days the rain falls and I feel like I’m breaking.


Rock, Scissor, Paper

Just about every decision made in Korea is done with a quick game of rock, scissor, paper, or as the Koreans call it 가위 (kawi=scissors) 바위 (bawi=paper) 보 (bo=rock).  But, if we say it fast, it sounds more like kai-bai-bo.  
All that to say, this morning I came to work and asked my co-teacher, Loola, what the plan was for our classes today.  Her response was, "Just a Movie!YYYEEESSS!!!  We have 3 cl

What Koreans Like to Eat and Drink on Rainy Days

It’s been raining an awful lot lately… the kind of weather when you just want to curl up in bed the whole day.

Yesterday, after finishing all the household chores and since I had nothing else to do, the pelting rain tempted me to hit the sheets. I just wanted to take a short nap, but I slept for five hours!

Saturday, June 30 2012


It started raining today. They say it’s the beginning of the monsoon season. All I know is it hasn’t rained properly for over a month. They say it’s the driest summer ever. It’s only June. They say a lot of things.

I just finished making myself a mug of strong black coffee, turned a Tom Waits CD, brought in a reading lamp to the living room and have set myself up for a Saturday of writing in this rain dulled apartment of mine. When I finish that I’ll probably read.

Goodbye Rainy Day Blues!

So, its been raining for the last 5 days here in South Korea and I’m starting to feel a little bummed to say the least. At first, it was a welcome break and an excuse to get a lot of work done, but now it’s just ridiculous! Here it is Tuesday morning and it’s grey, rainy and depressing outside. I wish the weather didn’t affect mood as much as it does. If you’re feeling this way too, don’t worry! Here are some tips on how to curb your raining day feeling!

First of all, put on some music! Pick out your favorite upbeat song (That’s right UPBEAT. In know all of my emo friends out there will struggle with this but trust me!) Turn up the volume, dance and sing along! Not only should this put you in a better mood, but if you do actually dance (and I do!) you’re sneakily (yeah, that’s a word) adding some cardio into your day. As you know this releases those excellent and much-needed endorphins to make you feel great fast!

Busan, Rainy Day, 2007

Busan, Rainy Day, 2007

Starting to rain...

© 2007 Lee Gumienny

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