Korean Queer Podcast: QueerCast

For readers who are comfortable with Korean, QueerCast is great podcast. I've been getting sick of watching Korean television programs for listening practice an would much rather listen to people talk about queer issues in Korea. Hosted by Rita (리타), the podcast currently has 30 episodes with the most recent published 6 days ago. According to QueerCast's Twitter, they should be published bi-weekly on Mondays, but looking at the irregularity of their broadcasting, I find that a bit difficult to believe...

“In Memorium” – New Planet Cabaret

More submitting by me here (and you wonder why I’ve had so few minutes to spare). This was for RTE Radio 1′s ARENA show which has been hosting a radio based creative writing course (yes you read that right) called New Planet Cabaret, with the assistance of the very competent and energetic Dave Lordon (I’d say more but I haven’t read much of his poetry so…).

The Kimchi Queen on QROK Radio

I was interviewed on QROK Radio yesterday. I have this annoying subconscious thing where I speak in a deeper voice when on the phone. Apparently it happens on the radio as well. If you want to hear what TKQ sounds like, check out QROK's channel on Bsskradio and look for the track interviewing The Kimchi Queen. At some points I was a bit awkward and nervous, but, man, I love Aiden's voice.

QROK Radio

A friend I met through Gay Friends in Seoul hosts the only radio station in English by, for and about the GLBTQ community: QROK (Queer Republic of Korea).
Aiden has a great radio voice. She has hosted Madame Sarcasma, Daniel Payne of the Open Doors Community Church, the Butch-ers and other (in)famous queers in Korea. I particularly like the track with the Butch-ers because we can hear perspectives from both a Korean American and a Korean. We've chatted about TKQ maybe going on the show....

DJ Chad Kirton

See video

Chad Kirton is an English professor at Dong Eui University, a radio DJ and part-time hip hop rap artist in Busan, Korea. Chad is a lively character, and has been living in Korea for more than 7 years. Chad derives part of his success in broadcasting from the fact that he speaks Korean on his radio show as well as English, attempting to bridge a gap between Eastern and Western cultures.

Brian Myers and My Demons

Dr. Brian Myers – on Let’s Talk Busan (with Kenneth May) – always brings out a certain demon in my spirit. On one hand, I was an analyst and linguist for the U.S. Army. I listened to North Koreans (very boring job). I worked with some of the most annoying South Koreans on the planet. It seems like a niche market, right? I mean how many hundreds get to study Korean and listen to North Koreans. On the other hand, I’ve never visited the DPRK, and I really don’t see myself doing so in my lifetime. Gulags, poverty…what’s interesting in any of that. I can’t even amass the sort of evidence a dilettante would need to become an expert. And, need I remind you in this venue, I’m mercifully no longer an analyst. I live in the better Korea now, and I married one of the better sort of Koreans. But, I’m no longer a koreaphile.

Korea 2012 Looks Like Fun (Audio)

Diane Rehm posts yet another show devoted to the “Rising Tensions on the Korean Peninsula“, featuring Ambassador Wendy Sherman, Michael Green, Leon Sigal, and Kurt Campbell. The one guest whose comments stood out for me was Sherman’s. Her call for a medium-to-long-term commitment to a political settlement on the peninsula, without shelving the short-term value of the Six-Party format, complements Charli Carpenter argument on bhTV about regime change. And then, Sherman just sounded scary. All those elections in 2012 are a recipe for all manner of foolishness.

China Is the Loser, Post-Cheonan (Audio)

John Pomfret, David Kang, and Ambassador Chung Min Lee hold an excellent discussion on the current escalation of tensions in Northeast Asia following the sinking of ROKS Cheonan by a North Korean submarine strike. Two comments struck me as important. … Continue reading

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