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Let’s shop ‘Folk Style’ at the Seoul Folk Flea Market

Once upon a time the Seoul Folk Flea Market (서울풍물시장) vendors set up shop around the Cheonggyecheon Stream in Seoul, Korea. Now they return each day to well-manicured squares of space within a recently built warehouse location. Some merchants refer to the market as The Ant Market due to its many moves over the years. Thankfully, a friend who is always in the know dragged me to the market a few weeks ago. I am very glad she did.


Go ride a bike.


Seoul Santacon: So be good for goodness sake!


There are few times in life when I believe it is appropriate for a group of friends to wear bright and matching outfits, disregard the personal space and solitude of others in public and obnoxiously sing childish songs while moving from one drinking establishment to another. One of these times would have to be Seoul Santacon.

Private Murphy Comes to Thanksgiving Dinner

As it is the holidays, I’m going to indulge myself in the gift of self-pity for a moment.  This is my first holiday season away from home, the first time I won’t be able to spend Thanksgiving and/or Christmas with my family, our first holiday season away from our three children and almost everyone we love,  So, we’ve been just a little blue, even though we’ve been trying to keep a stiff upper lip.

Tomorrow is American Thanksgiving, and we live in a country that essentially doesn’t eat turkey.  You can’t find them in the regular grocery stores (not even as sandwich meat), and at Costco (our source of all American delicacies here in Busan), they are  heinously expensive.  However, even assuming we could locate a turkey at a reasonable price, purchase it, and manage to lug it home, we would be completely unable to cook it because our kitchen, like most South Korean apartment kitchens, lacks an oven.

I was going to write a ‘Top 10 List’ & then this happened.

I found myself wallowing in a bout of homesickness last week. Rather than sulk in my apartment and dream of lounging dock-side on Martha’s Vineyard sipping a Blue Moon and hogging the guacamole bowl, I sat down and scribbled all the things I am loving at the moment about my present situation. If you’re interested, here it is, feel free to add to my list. Cheers! *shot of soju in hand*

I love…

1) soju.

How's That for Convenience?

Get this. 

You're busy. You have work. A family. Responsibilities. A tight schedule. 

No worries. 

Korean What-the-Fuckery on the Bus

I often visit a blog call What the Kimchi??? On it, Flint does a series entitled “Mook of the Week” where he details some of the crazy shit that he notices Koreans doing.

Many of these posts are incredibly funny, and while I have no intentions of starting a similar series on this blog, I experienced something last week that reminded me of the Korean what-the-fuckery I often read about on What the Kimchi???

Faster Than a Speeding...

 On a crisp December morning, two travelers set out from Busan Station in search of adventure in the north. We watched the giant neon ticker for our signal to board. Efficiency is everything at this train station, and punctuality is key.

Bus Routes from Busan Station/Choryang-dong to Pusan National Univ PNU

 Does anyone know which bus to take to PNU from Busan Station/Choryang-dong area? And how long it takes? Been trying to search online but can't seem to find it. Also if there is a bus from PNU to Kyungsung University?




Question from a reader: travel via a rental car?

UPDATED 29 March 2010 11:35pm - The reader wrote back with a follow-up - look below my original answer for her response.

A reader writes in asking about rental cars:

Hi Chris,

I was wondering if I could get your advice. My husband and I will be in South Korea next week for a total of three days. We live in Japan right now.... [We] will be arriving at Busan port and would really like to explore the natural sites of the country. We do have to make one stop in Seoul to meet my husband's sister for dinner but other than that, we're not much interested in the city.

Do you think it is practical to rent a car for the three days? Is this something you would recommend? Would love to hear your take as someone who is clearly familiar with the country. Much thanks,


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