Gay Activists Occupy City Hall: Day 3

In response to the postponement of a human rights charter that would have protected sexual minorities from discrimination, gay activists are currently in their third day of occupying City Hall.

Stop the Ugandan "Death to Gays" Bill

If you follow international queer news at all, I'm sure you've heard of the Ugandan "Death to Gays" bill. If not, check out the Wikipedia page. An information blitz on the anti-gay and anti-human rights bill is being organized, and the Open Doors Community Church has plans to hand out flyers in Seoul on Saturday, December 1st.

Mad Cow is Back. Can We Go Easy on the Angry Protests this Time?

Mad Cow is back in the news again. Yes, it’s a bad thing, but lets not lose our heads this time.

Few will not recall the Mad Cow frenzy and the rabid anti-American and anti-Korean government protests that took place for nearly three months in Korea back in 2008.

Protest is a democratic right and by all means make use of it, but tens of thousands taking to the street clinging to an absurd notion that the U.S. beef industry and the Korean president Lee Myung Bak sought to kill them with tainted beef?

The world looked on in wonder.

Listen! The Pharaohs Are Laughing!

 An Egyptian boy holds a megaphone while chanting anti-government slogans in Tahrir Square the afternoon of January 31, 2011 in central Cairo, Egypt. Protests continued unabated in Cairo January 31, as thousands marched to demand the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)  Continue reading at Egypt Protests In Cairo | NowPublic Photo Archives“‘We want a leader who has used public transportation.’” (The Second World, p. 201) Put that on a placard!

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