What Motivates You To Write?

It’s probably a little cliché to write about what makes me want to be a writer. If you ever happen upon any websites that promote writing and offer advice on becoming a writer, you’ll probably not struggle to find a page of quotations about why such-and-such a writer writes, as well as a long list of links or articles about why people write, and all of them essentially say the same thing. They write because writing is just something they have to do. I would share the same sentiments.

Question from a reader: professionals coming to Korea?

A reader writes in:

Hi Chris,

I recently obtained a job as a design engineer with one of the major Korean companies. I’ll be moving to [city redacted] in June for at least the next couple years and am very excited for the adventure!

One thing which I haven’t been able to find information on is how to deal with a lot of the financial aspects for the move.  I know you’re not a financial adviser, but I was thinking you or your readers have probably dealt with most of these issues.  How did you deal with things like your old credit cards from before the move? If you have an investment portfolio in your home country did you have to switch that to your Korean address or can you, for example, use your parents’ address.

2011 Spring Busan KOTESOL Conference @ PUFS

Saturday, June 4, 2011 - 13:00

Pusan University of Foreign Studies
June 4, 2011

KOTESOL Members: W5000
Non-Members: W10,000

Spring is here! The semester is almost over and it's time to gather together and discover what new strategies are out there and help brainstorm for the future.

The Busan-Gyeongnam KOTESOL chapter presents its 2nd Annual Summer Conference on Early English, Motivated Minds and Innovative Assessments at Pusan University of Foreign Studies.


KOTESOL conference 2009

The 17th annual KOTESOL conference, held last weekend at Sookmyung Women's University in Seoul, was not precisely what you might call a tourist destination. For the serious English teachers or those in a more formal academic setting, conferences such as these are great chances to socialize and meet up with other serious teachers. It's the polar opposite of the chaotic drinking and partying of the Boryeong Mud Festival, and a great chance to meet a number of veteran expats.

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