No Public Route for Queer Revolution's Pride Parade?

The Pride Parade is this Sunday, June 28th from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the evening. After all the difficulties we had to deal with to get the parade accepted in the first place, I just want to send out one more congratulatory message to all of the organizers of pride this year who made sure the Pride Parade could take place.

Seoul Admin Court rules that KQCF will have its parade!

The Korea Queer Culture Festival's parade will open according to plans on Sunday, June 28th.  

KQCF Private Beach Party: Saturday, June 13th

The Main Party for the KQCF will take place tomorrow, June 13th at Club S Cube. Check out the greatly homoerotic trailer below (with all sorts of member of the LGBT community!) The theme is "Private Beach", which means swimwear.

Pretty much everything you need to know about the event is on their main poster. 

Due to MERS, Queer Culture Festival Opening Ceremony to be Held on Youtube

The 2015 Korea Queer Culture Festival has decided to hold the opening ceremony over Youtube this year due to worries of MERS.

Although organizers of the festival worked hard to have the opening ceremony in City Hall, they stressed that participants health and safety are their number one concern. In order to prevent any spreading of the disease, the Korean government has recommended cancelling any large public events.

The Christian Right Rains on Korea's LGBT Parade

On Sunday, the Christian right successfully blocked the Queer Culture Festival parade's notice of assembly, which needed to be approved by the Namdaemun Police Department. This marks the second time this year that conservative protestants have disrupted the location of the event.

Korea's Queer Revolution! 2015 Pride in Seoul

Pride is right around the corner! Korea usually celebrates with their annual Korea Queer Festival and Korea Queer Film Festival. Although very few specifics are available, dates have been announced so you can mark your calendars for Korea's Queer Revolution.

The Festival opens on the 9th of June in the Seoul City Hall with the parade on the 13th of June. The film festival will run from 6/18 to 6/21.

Viva the queer revolution!

2014 Korea Queer Festival: Love Conquers Hate

It's here!
Although there is some hullabaloo about throwing the parade in light of the Sewol Ferry Incident, the Korea Queer Festival is still on for this Saturday, June 7th. I'm in the midst of my last week of courses and impending finals, so haven't been nearly as active on reporting on the festivities this year. A quick breakdown in English is provided on KQCF's website. The parade is once again being held in the Hongdae area. It was a fantastic experience last year, and I hope you can join in the festivities.

Queer Links from the Week

I don't know how I've ended up doing these posts on Monday... Anyways, here are a bunch of links from pride (and a couple of extras)
Aramis International: Aramis International Korea Members
Arirang TV: Korea Today - Gay in Korea | 국내의 성소주자들
Caitlin O'hara Blog: Korea Queer Festival

2013 Korean Queer Culture Festival Parade Recap

Pride was once again a great experience in Seoul! According to some estimates, at least 2000 people showed up, including Harisu and director Kim Jho Gwang Su. I think there were probably more... While the other prides I've attended took place in Jongno, this year's pride was in Hongdae. The number of spectators was massive. To start out, there were plenty of performances in the park, as well as variou booths to learn information about the gay rights movement in S. Korea, pick up condoms and lube, buy homoerotic art, etc. The crowd was quite mixed with Koreans, foreigners, men, and women (and in between) of all ages coming together to celebrate queerness.

Arirang News has a story up on pride in English. Check it out at Arirang TV. The segment on pride starts at 14:25.

KQCF: A Queer Weekend

Since it is pride, a lot of parties are happening this weekend. Especially on Saturday. Three parties are happening in Hongdae. The official After Party is at Factory Underground. KQCF's website is down at the moment, but I'll include more info when I can access the website.

The lesbian club Labris also has a official after party as you can see in this poster. (Which is quite a beautiful poster, huh?) Has anyone seen a poster for the Labris party?

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