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USC/CSIS Conference on Korean Unification (1): it will cost WAY more than people think

Cha_Challenges__110The University of Southern California Korean Studies Institute and the Center for Strategic and International Studies are running a joint Korea Project: Planning for the Long Term (pic to the left). CSIS will hold the last of three conferences in this project at the Asan Institute on January 21st next week.

Korean Unification 1: it will cost WAY more than people think


The International Relations Discipline and the Rise of Asia

Going to IQMR – Some Summer Asian Security Reading – Back in August

7 things I don’t like @ being an Academic


It’s grad school acceptance season, so here are a few thoughts if you are considering the PhD plunge. Try this genre also on the Duck of Minerva, where I also write. Enjoy your last summer to read as you choose, without following a peer reviewer or a syllabus. Such lost bliss… 

Why don’t Korean and Japan Align, even though IR says they should?

In Social Science, You’re always Under-read, so What do You do? (2)


Here is part one, where I noted Walt, the Duck, and Walter Russell Mead as the IR blogs I read almost always despite the avalanche of international affairs blogs now. Here are a few more:

In Social Science, You’re always Under-read, so What do You do? (1)

Vietnam Political Science Impressions- 2

Vietnam 013

Here is part one, where I noted how much the communist super-idolization of leaders like Ho and Mao weirds me out. Here are a few more social science impressions from our trip:

Even Uncle Ho’s Hand-Weights Contributed to the Revolution (1)

Vietnam 064

Our social science faculty association organized a trip to Vietnam last week. It was pretty fascinating. It was my first trip, and I don’t speak the language, so obviously I am qualified to generalize wildly about it now. As Gabriel Almond once quipped, ‘you should never generalize about a country until you’ve at least flown over it. So guess I meet that test at least. Here are some anecdotal, political science-y impressions:

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