South Korean Police Arrest Wrong Nigerian, Refuse To Contact His Embassy

The National Human Rights Commission of Korea says the 2014 arrest of a Nigerian man violated his rights as authorities refused repeated requests to contact his embassy for more than a week.

Maxwell Iruviere says police confused him with another Nigerian & is now seeking compensation for his November 2014 false arrest & imprisonment. Korea FM spoke with Iruviere & Lawyers For A Democratic Society Attorney Yuna Lee about the incident.

Feb 19 Korean News Update Podcast

Busan’s mayor stepping down as chairman of the Busan International Film Festival, new US sanctions to curb North Korea’s nuclear & missile programs, & Chinese tourists disregarding Seoul’s no smoking zones.

Only In Korea Podcast: No Smoking In Myeongdong

Sometime in the next few months, the Seoul neighborhoods of Myeongdong & Mugyodong will become completely smoke-free.
 Chance & Travis discuss what members of the Only In Korea Facebook group think of the plan & also the recent history of progressive smoking laws that have been put into effect here in Seoul.

Korea Blog Podcast: Coffee In Korea

Korea FM has teamed with Seoul-based essayist, broadcaster, public speaker & Los Angeles Review of Books Korea Blog writer Colin Marshall for the “Korea Blog Podcast.”
 Each episode, Colin & Chance Dorland will discuss a topic on literature, cinema, current events, or daily life in Korea. For their very first episode, the duo discuss the coffee shops and coffee life in South Korea. Check out Colin’s writeup of the topic at http://blog.lareviewofbooks.org/the-korea-blog/coffee-life-korea/.

Well-Dying Bill & Standardizing Traditional Medicine

Two new medical initiatives are moving forward in South Korea.
The Health Ministry has announced efforts to standardize Korean traditional medicine, and the National Assembly has passed a “well-dying” bill that by 2018 will allow patients with “no hope of recovery” to end their lives by refusing life-sustaining treatment. Korea FM discussed the changes with Rob Jonquière, a retired doctor and World Federation for Right to Die Societies Communication Director, and Dr. Raimund Royer, the first non-Korean to learn and practice Korean traditional medicine.

Marmot’s Hole Podcast: North Korean Rocket

Robert Koehler and Chance Dorland discuss North Korea’s rocket launch & other recent stories.
 The duo also discuss the recent resignation of the president of Arirang TV, the English translation of praised Korean novel “The Vegetarian” and the recent security failures and other problems that have plagued Incheon International Airport.

South Korea’s “Digital Nomads”

As youth unemployment, rising housing costs & long working hours continue to be a problem, more & more South Koreans want to work abroad.
 But some of them, known as digital nomads, are mixing work and travel to see the world while they make a living. Korea FM spoke with Youjin Do, a Korean freelancer who works while she travels around the world, who is also making a documentary film to spread knowledge and correct people’s misperceptions about the digital nomad lifestyle. Korean FM also spoke with Jeon Jewoo and Park Miyoung, a Korean married couple who quit their jobs in Seoul to start their own business while traveling in South America. For more information, visit DigitalNomadDocumentary.com.

Only In Korea Podcast: American Detained In North Korea & Return Of Korean Gift Sets

Chance & Travis discuss the detention of a 21 year old American tourist in North Korea & the return of expensive Korean gift sets for the Lunar New Year holiday.
The duo also discuss the results of two polls from the Oink – Only in Korea Facebook group where members answered if they would ever travel to North Korea and what they think of Korean gift sets.

Koreans Don’t Want to Admit They’re Eating Chinese Kimchi

Despite millions of dollars worth of imports every year, a new VICE report says Koreans don’t want to admit they’re eating Chinese kimchi.
Korea FM spoke with the report’s author, Dave Hazzan, and the writer of Korea’s first English-language food blog, Joe McPherson, to learn more about China’s ever-increasing grip on the Korean kimchi market.

Marmot's Hole Podcast: South Korea World #1 For Innovation

2016_01_27 Jeju Flight Delays, American Held In North Korea, Nutrage Law, & Korea #1 For Innovation

Robert Koehler & Chance Dorland discuss Bloomberg's crowning of South Korea as the most innovative economy in the world. Other topics include this weekend's winter storm that left thousands stranded in Jeju, the American tourist being held captive in North Korea & the ROK's new "nut rage" law.

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