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Cut your Luck and Draw your Face!

I was just shocked out of my socks when I read this report on today's The Korea Times! The gist being that young jobseekers in Korea have resorted to plastic surgery to look more appealing to the interviewers and now have also started to cut luck lines on their palms to make their palm lines stand out to induce luck. They even have resorted to injecting botox into their vocal cords to make them sound confident!

Has Plastic Surgery Become an Insatiable Desire?

I have lived in South Korea working as an ESL Instructor for three years (at the time of writing this). One of the benefits of living in another country long-term is that you get to experience things first hand, not just reading about them through media outlets.

I’ve had the chance to learn about many aspects of Korean culture since arriving; from martial arts, to cultural nuances and expectations, and pop culture fads. It’s the last of these that made vivid the whole phenomenon of plastic surgery in South Korea.

The more I interacted with students (particularly middle school girls), saw advertisements on the streets, watched Korean movies, and everything in between, I began to realize that plastic surgery is an integral part of Korean society.

Young Korean Girls Have Surgery to Look More White (Reaction)

I watch too many YouTube videos just like the next guy.  There's no shortage of any kind of video you're looking for.  Every niche, genre, angle is covered.  Hence, the reason for watching too many videos.  I am usually a silent shopper though - I "stick and move".  I don't typically leave comments unless I'm really moved to.  Maybe because I try to answer viewer comments on my own channel I feel commented-out.  The other day I saw this video that moved me.

ARKPop Podcast# 20 – Banhammer Blues

137:51 minutes (63.11 MB)


In this episode, recorded a bit late due to Noelle’s cold, we accidentally get way off course several times, but the discussion itself should still be interesting.

Really Korea, really?

진짜, 진짜! (I am OBSESSED with that word and it is not okay anymore) A few thoughts about the culture differences here in South Korea that shock me and make me want to just scream, "Are you KIDDING me!?"

The Changing Face of Korea

It’s early morning. As the sun creeps over the horizon I am dressed and walking as people around me sleep. The eerie stillness of dawn is broken by a 50-year-old woman clad in bright pink jogging around the nearby playground. As she makes her approach to the swings, feeling eyes upon her, she turns to stare at me. Ignoring the glare I walk onwards to the bus stop.

Koreans care for their image. Walking down a high street you will see brands plastered over the citizens who have opted to buy luxury brands with their hard-earned cash. 

Those perfectly useless things I’d like to do.

  • I would like to go to the most crowded place in Busan and shout “Kim!” and see how many people would actually turn around and eventually pick my favourite.
  • I would like to see where those “ajummas” (old ladies) are actually going at 4 in the morning when I am going back home after a party, even though I perfectly know where they are going!To the mountain or just around the building for a walk!

From Asian to Caucasian: Update

( Businesswoman by the_toe_stubber )

A recent comment on my post From Asian to Caucasian: Response From a Reader from last year, and which I’m sure you’ll all agree is worth highlighting here rather than having it wasted unread in obscurity on an old post!

Best Botox Busan Bar None - Somyon

RODEM plastic surgery
Girls (and maybe guys) ! Best grade botox/price hands down in Somyon.
Best Botox Busan Bar None

Baby smooth skin in 7 days .

6-8 months  (the strong stuff -there are 2 grades) effect depending on age and original skin condition .

I've tried 3 other places here and they either are overpriced or the effect length is shorter.
Clinic has recently MOVED near Migliore Shopping Mall in Somyon (near the main subway junction ) .

Leave your number and an English-speaking worker can give you directions...

Woman surgeon speaks great English.
200,000 won for most people under 35 - other places can be 300,000 won and up for the weaker stuff.It takes 2 visits to work so relax if it is not 100% correct after 5 or so days , you have to go back again.


Some catching up on news around Korea

After a nice long weekend with the computer off, it's time to catch up with the news around the area. While a few are kind of laughable, most are worth noting:

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