Dear Korea #128

Though I’m not proud to admit it, I was never really big on keeping up with the news or politics when I after I came to Korea. I mean, I was generally aware of what was going on, but it was something that I didn’t spend too much time looking into. The problem with keeping up from the other side of the world is that I’m always on the outside looking in. The news seems much scarier when you’re not living in it, and the context of what’s being said can vary depending on the source. As a result,  I’m always left questioning the state of my home country, as well as whether or not it’s wise to return anytime soon. For now, based on the things I’ve been seeing, it’s looking like South Korea will continue to be my home away from home.

Day 3 : The Last Week

Maybe I will miss the warm sun rising over my little home here in Korea. It's warmth carrying it's way into my shoebox and warming things up from a cold night. You can watch the sun go past the sky by seeing the sun-rays go from one end of the wall to the other. It's funny because Tom has a little pattern he follows. Around noon he comes out of the covers, where he was slumbering, and heads to the sunshine. I've also noticed around 2:30 he likes a spot on top of my suitcases that sit in the balcony.

Dear Korea #042

Dear Korea #042

Not a very impressive comic, I know. They will start getting better (eventually…hopefully?).

Call me a dweeb, but I think I tend to stress out more than I actually should when I know someone from overseas is visiting. I tend to take on this silent obligation that every single moment they spend here needs to be perfect, and will more than often lead to me using a lot of money and time. What can I say? Do unto others, right?

Dear Korea #023

Dear Korea #023

I apologize for being a few hours late with this one. As you can tell, I took some artistic liberties with it (kind of).

Also, by no means am I complaining about my situation in Korea. I love being kept busy, but when it’s something one isn’t used to, it can sometimes get a little overwhelming. I also hope that this isn’t a slap in the faces of anyone who lives in parts of Korea where there isn’t a whole lot going on. I really do find myself quite lucky for being where I am, and I wouldn’t change it for anything at the moment.

wandering mind

11 Steps to Effective ESL Lesson Planning

Korean students are notoriously shy. Plan activities that build rapport from the start. Photo: P. DeMarco

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