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The 5 Day Deal: Why you should buy it NOW!!

How Much Are you Worth?

I have talked about this problem before, but I will but it into a more realistic context/story:

You wake up in the morning and you grab yourself a fresh cup of coffee, rub your eyes and sit down in front of your computer. DING! goes your email and you find a letter from some company that you’ve never heard of but, they have heard of you and want to purchase your photos. You skim through making sure that it is not one of those ever-so-obvious scams where they want you to send all your banking information to some small African country. You soon realize that this is a legit offer and they are asking some serious questions.

“Chase” Your Dreams

Chase Jarvis, a man that I always admire for not only his amazing work but for his thought process as well. Every time I read his blog it fills me with thoughts about being a full-time pro photographer. In a series of two posts, he brings up the question of “do you want to go pro or stay amateur?” This was a question that I battled with a long time ago and I think that most of you will come across it during your time in Korea, as well.

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