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A Walk Through Busan’s Abandoned Hood: Daeyeon 5-dong

If Busan were to get bombed, this is what it would look like.  Stuff gets built. Stuff falls apart. The last time I walked around the Daeyeon 5-dong neighborhood was about a year ago, there were clothes hanging to dry, old ladies pulling carts of food through alleys, and people relaxing on terraces chatting with […]

Echoes of Jeju: A Photo Essay of Korean Island Life in 1979 (Part 1)

35 years ago my family moved from America to Jeju Island. We lived there for just over a year. I was six then. While we were there, my father took a bunch of photographs. But they got buried away in a pile of boxes, stored along with all the other stuff families collect.


Echoes of Jeju: A Photo Essay of Korean Island Life in 1979 (Part 2)

In 1979, Iranian militants seized the US Embassy in Tehran, the Russians invaded Afghanistan, and Margaret Thatcher became the new Prime Minister of England. The album of the year was Saturday Night Fever by the Bee Gees. The song of the year was Just The Way You Are by Billy Joel. Apocalypse Now and The Deer Hunter played in the cinemas.

Bridge to Paradise: A Korean Temple Stay at Magoksa


The sound of monks chanting echoes through the forest. Birds chirp in the trees. The humming sound of cicadas lowers and rises in waves. At the end of a tree-lined trail is a stone bridge covered in white lanterns known as Paradise Bridge. It crosses over a lazy stream where water bubbles over smooth stones. On the other side is a temple, sitting right in the middle of it all, where it has for centuries.

Storming the Bridge: Busan Hosts Korea’s Greatest Race

Each year, for one day in April, pedestrians and cyclists invade Busan’s most iconic landmark for a n

.Gwangan Bridge Race Signs d Storming the Bridge: Busan Hosts Koreas Greatest Race
The Busan miRun is easily one of my favorite events of the year. And it has quickly become the city’s most popular outdoor event besides the fireworks festival.

Days of Chuseok

The Chuseok holiday is ending slowly here. All that is left is the rest of the weekend, but that’s not really Chuseok. Most businesses will open up tomorrow in the hope of catching those desperate to restock their fridge and fill their belly with something other than Chuseok food.

Of course we suffer in Korea this year because Chuseok, a three day holiday, has fallen on a Thursday, so the three days around it also meld into Saturday and Sunday making it a nice rounded five day break. There will be a very slow and more unenthusiastic than usual start to work all around the country this Monday.

In Dublin

Today was the twentieth day of August, 2013. On this day, myself and Herself went to Dublin. Here are some of the things we saw.

Words will follow shortly.




Looking Up

You come to Korea from where I’m from and you can’t stop looking up. Always up. At the sky without so many rain clouds, at the trees forever in a constant pattern of change, and at the buildings which stretch above everything I’ve ever known. It takes a lot of concrete and steel to make a megalith as complete as the Korean urban space, and event then it never seems complete. There is always some mason tapping away at some finer piece chiselling another groove in the pursuit of perfection.

Oppa Gerbil Style…photo essay by Eunee.

my first food bowl was a lunchbox….dad thinks he’s smart.

dad constantly spilled my water with his feet.

so…Mom and Dad bought me a new water machine…..

Gangchon Station – 강촌역

The iconic and now disused Gangchon Station in Gangwon-do Korea, the destination of choice for weekending university students for decades. This train station was the arrival and departure point for many of these alcohol fueled weekends. Now disused and empty, the station stands waiting for who know’s what will happen to it next.

Gangchon has a special place in the memory of many, if not every, university student to have studied in Seoul. For decades the small town was the destination of choice for university students when they took the weekend excursions, either with friends or on faculty MT, or training weekends.

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