7 Reasons Why Malaysia Is Awesome

If you haven’t been to Malaysia yet, you’re doing it wrong. “It” being anything from adventure activities, lounging at the beach, appreciating architecture and history, eating foreign cuisine, and/or experiencing cultural diversity. One of the most underrated travel destinations in Southeast Asia, this place has it all! Below are 6 reasons why Malaysia should be next on your traveler’s bucket list.

Vlog Entry #21: Amazing Malaysia

This video takes you along with me through the streets and waters of Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Langkawi and Penang! Special thanks to my Malaysian friends and hosts: Kristy, Edwin, KT, Denise, Amanda and Marcus. My trip wouldn’t have been nearly as amazing without you!

Malaysia Part 2: Peninsular Malaysia

12 dishes, 12 hours: Epic eating in Penang!

Sarah and I just completed the most extensive wandering graze of our lives.

Over the course of 12 hours in Penang, we managed to munch through 12(!) of the West Malaysian Island’s most famous street foods.

We shared most of them and they were small portions, but there’s no denying it – this was hedonistic street-gluttony run amok

Click through to see the full extent of our appetite!

Penang - The Big Three

On my third day in Penang, I decided to make an all out assault on the Big 3 - the three dishes identified by Penang expert Rasa Malaysia as the essential tastes of Penang. Along with Robyn Eckhardt at EatingAsia, her writing was one of the main reasons I came to Penang in the first place. So, rather than pitch up to any old stall and try my luck, I decided to follow Rasa's specific recommendations and get my map out for a bit of a treasure hunt.

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