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PNU to Haeundae - Weekend Warriors II

Birthdays in Korea are a little bit more special - especially the first ones away - since we're not surrounded by family and lifelong friends.  Our new friends become our family quickly, and we try to make each other feel as special as possible.

60. – 64. Paris Baguette, Tous les Jours, T-World Cafe, Davich Cafe & Caffe, Issac Toast & Coffee (Gimhae)

These are the “not just coffee” entries that, nonetheless, must be mentioned. Why? Well, because they sell coffee, dagnabbit.

I have established some (arbitrary) rules for when a business gets on the list. There is no need to artificially inflate the numbers. As a commenter noted in a recent post: “I have never seen so many coffee shops in my life.”

Ridin' Solo

3rd Largest Korean Diaspora Community in Western Europe is….

They say France is the 3rd largest Korean diaspora community, however, I wasn’t too impressed with what I found from the net.  I thought there’d at least be a small Korean town or a street that’s dedicated to the population (if you know one, please, let me know!), but I have yet to discover one.

What I DO know is at this moment, there are over 58 restaurants in Korea that is dedicated to French cuisine.  See the list and websites below if you want to take a stab at French cuisine in Korea.  Gangnam has over 20 restaurants alone.

The first contact of Franco-Korean relations

Girls day!

My alarm went off at 6:30 am this morning (not my favorite thing for a Saturday morning), but it was all for a good reason!  I was meeting my two co-teachers at the Sasang Bus Terminal to spend the day in Jeonju together. In true Korean fashion though, plans went awry at the last minute and instead of exploring the 1250 year old city, we spent the day in Seomyeon (downtown Busan)!  Ugh. Why you ask? Well, Okk had set her alarm wrong and woke up minutes before we were supposed to meet (strike 1), then when Loola and I got to the bus terminal to buy tickets, all of the buses to Jeonju ended up being sold out (strike 2)!  We were doomed.  

5 Birthday Cakes!

In the past week I have had pieces of 5 different Birthday Cakes, three of them for me!
Birthday Cake #1

Needless to say I'm kind of caked out at the moment, although I didn't know that was possible.

Paris Baguette ♥ Spring Cake

Spring is here and the cakes are getting cuter as a result!  Check out these new sweet spottings at Paris Baguette ♥ 파리바게트 in Korea!

Paris Baguette ♥ 파리바게트

Paris Baguette 파리바게트 ( pronounced Pa-ri  by Koreans vs the American English Par-ris)  is a huge Korean bread and confectionery chain here~ It is really hard to walk a block without seeing one in Seoul.  I mean it, just try!  Paris Baguette is the actually the younger sister store of Paris Croissant (파리 크라상) which was founded in 1986 and is a more upscale cafe version with made-to order items, drinks, catering, and overall just feels a tad fancier… you see it around, but not nearly as much as PB. This chain has become so successful that it has opened up 17 shops in select locations in the USA over the last few years~ hurray!

Surviving Your First Month in Korea


That first month after taking a new job in South Korea can be one of the hardest. It's not just that you're adjusting to a new country and a new job, but you're also going to be living on whatever meager savings you brought with you until that magical first pay check comes in. If you've been responsible and saved some cash for the occasion - your $1500 or so will be more than enough. If you're like me and come over on a whim, you might be trying to stretch $800 or so. That's definitely doable, but here are a few tips for making that money last while still having a good time.

Most Korean jobs pay monthly, so you're going to need to make that money last for at least four weeks. Thankfully Korea is a really cheap place to live, so with the tips below you'll be right.

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