Panmunjom Travel Center Review


If you spend any time as a tourist in Seoul you will no doubt end up on a tour of the DMZ. There are many tours going either to Dorasan Station and the 3rd infiltration tunnel or the JSA. Prices differ and so do the experiences. Panmunjom Travel Center offer a different kind of tour experience and one that is sure to leave you with a better understanding of what the situation is like along the DMZ The main quality that set this tour apart from the many other tours out there is the fact that for part of the tour, you get to travel and interact with a North Korean defector.

North Korea, the World’s Gold Standard for Evil

Progressives need a policy clue about North Korea that doesn’t start with tedious talk about negotiations. Meetings are on again – boring, been there, done it to death! This isn’t news, it’s a sleeping aid.

Refugees aren’t all that exciting, either. 31 North Koreans got near Yeonpyong Island, or else no one would have cared. How many South Koreans care about the refugees already in South Korea?

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