The Brunch-PNU



Brunch @ Queen's Park, Cheongdam, Gangnam.

This Saturday morning I met up with a friend of mine to combine two of my favourite things, brunch and Queen's Park restaurant. The restaurant opens at 10.30 at the weekend and serves a lunch and brunch menu that's separate from their dinner menu.

There's plenty of options like french toast, pancakes, quiche, eggs Benedict and 'British breakfast', although it doesn't take a Brit to be able to tell this isn't a very authentic 'British' breakfast, it includes french fries of all things!

This restaurant is one of my favourite choices in Seoul, the restaurant itself is modern and elegant inside. It has a fresh bakery area and a small deli/salad counter. You can take out from both of these or choose items to have in the restaurant.

Pancakes, mmm!

What better way to start than to tell you about a recent trip I made to one of my favorite 'treat' destinations in Seoul?!
I have always and will always L O V E pancakes. I say have always but I didn't actually try an American style pancake until I was about 15 or so. Being a Brit we make our pancakes quite differently, for a start they're flat, think crepes and you'll have about the right idea.

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