Labour: Guilty by association?

Is it racist for someone to say, “Chinese people are bad”?

Obviously, yes of course that is racist.

Not only is it completely prejudiced to believe that based only on their outer appearance and culture, it’s also completely illogical to hate all of the one billion people that happen to live in China and the millions more around the world.

My dictionary defines racism like this:



You don’t have to be muslim… You just have to be human

Watching the reports coming from Israel / Palestine last year was absolutely fucking horrific. By the end of the conflict the Israeli military killed around 1,500 civilians, more than a third of these were children. The images that came on screen where hard to watch, especially knowing that it was the UK and the US governments who manufactured and sold the weapons to the Israeli Defence Force (IDF).

A State Of Mind

In watching this incredible documentary about the North Korean Mass Games, the question on everyone’s minds cannot be anything but: do these people really believe what they say? When this young dancer comes in front of the camera and repeatedly extolls Kim Jong-il, spouting ream after ream of the stultifying propaganda she’s been filled with since her first seconds on Earth, I think everyone outside of North Korea is wondering the same thing: is she terrified that her family will be sent to a concentration camp if she mis-speaks, or does she truly believe in the goodness of the dictator who has enslaved her and everyone she knows?

The Wrong Reason to Fire Helen Thomas

I agree that former White House correspondent Helen Thomas’ odious comments about Israel’s conduct of the Gaza flotilla operation warranted her dismissal. It wasn’t just that this episode is startling in the context of her usually banal performances. Her tenure, after she shattered the glass ceiling for women reporters, was also an affront to meritocratic norms. She epitomized all the selfish scorn for democracy any politician she mocked did.

And, she was very banal indeed in the context of some of these comments, particularly this criticism of Israeli democracy.

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