5 Day Trips from Seoul

Korea is a rather small country. In fact, it's possible to travel from Seoul in the north to Busan on the southern coast in a matter of a few hours by KTX, the nation's high speed train. So technically, any city could possibly be classified a day trip. However, there are a few destinations located particularly close to the capital and are all accessible by Seoul's efficient and affordable subway, making them the perfect day trips to get a feel for life outside the big city. Check them out below.


Korean Movie Review #4: Paju (2009)

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I’m not allowed to love this person?

Because you say I can’t, I want it all the more.


so hot in the province of Gyeonggido during summer, a shade house is a good spot to rest and feel the fresh air from the near farmpond.

Destination: Photo contest at Simhaksan (Paju)

Readers, this 'Destination' post needs your help! The photo contest allows me to select the three best photos to enter this particular contest - prizes include a brand new Nikon D90, along with some other camera gear. Vote for your favorite three in the comments - all VOTERS on this post will be entered to win a cool prize worth at least 25,000 won. One vote per person, please :) Deadline for voting: June 30, 2010.

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