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Onelife Photo Contest

Remember yesterday I was talking about telling stories with pictures? Funny thing, I received an email from Popular Photography about a huge photography contest happening now. The topic? Your life… basically.

The Contest site is called “One Life” and the over theme, from what I gather is that “great photography tells stories” So they are looking for powerful images of any sort that portray life around the world.  The explain it further as:

what you love, your travels, or anything that reflects your world and experience.


I was just watching episode 80 of D-Town TV and RC mentioned this new site that popped up for photographers, called 500px. Now initially I thought to myself “oh another photo-sharing site that is trying to copy flickr” and then when he mentioned about the quality of the photos and I thought “ah yes another site made up by camera-snobs who hate HDR and will rip apart your photos should you dare upload any” but then I took a look at the site and was impressed.

Chase Jarvis and the Dasein Project


Few other photographers inspire me as much as Chase Jarvis. Reading his blog is like having direct link to a cool/down-to-earth pro photographer that keeps giving you awesome advice whenever you need it.  A lot of his posts get to me in that sort of harsh/truthful but much needed way. One of his current posts entitled ”Stop Trying to Get Everyone to Like Your Work” really hit home for me.


This week started off interesting. As I woke up in the morning, I began to start a new entry when for some reason I couldn’t access my admin page. I didn’t really have time to do anything about it because I was running late and just ran off to work. Later, I found my blog showing a different page and Dylan Goldby also sent me a message informing of this strange looking page.

By the time that I got Dylan’s message I was in full research-mode trying to figure out how they got in. Was I using a randomly chosen password check! Was I using the latest version of wordpress check! Was everything else up to date check! So now what? First of all, I had to get access to my admin page and change the password.

National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2011


I am a big fan of photo contests. Not for the fame and fortune, or even the competition, but just for the simple fact that I love pushing my photography and the contests always give a theme and a direction to push towards. The bonus is that if you win, you usually get something nice, but again it is not the driving factor behind my motives.

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