There’s Nothing Like it

9:30 a.m. Saturday morning. Jangnim-dong, Saha-gu, Busan, South Korea

There’s nothing like that first cup of coffee. Home plus-purchased, Tesco-brand, Level 5, French Roast, brewed in a French Press with a cracked lip I inherited from the teacher I replaced almost 11 months ago. I worried I may be ingesting microscopic pieces of glass with every pour. I still do. 

t’s still a damn fine cup of coffee, though.

There’s nothing like the first plate of 오므라이스 (omurice), served with some funky cabbage salad and the usual banchan 고봉민김밥인 (Gobongmin Gimbap-in) offers, even if all the hype for this guilty-pleasure meal didn’t live up to the end product.


Carol and I are pretty social creatures.  We enjoy having people over the house and have been known to throw a party or two.  Almost a year ago, I talked about throwing a toga party.  Carol's response was, "You can't throw a toga party in Korea!"  Those at my work know that you shouldn't tell me that I "can't" do something.  The "can't" word is supreme motivation for me.  Unbeknownst to Carol, the gauntlet was thrown down.  And yes, I did feel a little funny about typing the word, "unbeknownst."

The thinking went like this.  What type of event would attract a lot of people in Busan?  Beknownst to me (okay, I'm getting carried away with that word and it's derivatives), there's a large English teacher population here in Busan.  We thought a toga party would be something the Busan crowd could sink their teeth into.  And of course, the Naval Aviator in me thought what the heck - toga party!

Sung Ae Won Orphanage & Habitat For Humanity

I was gonna work out but decided to eat another chunk of Carol's tiramisu and blog.  It's all about priorities.

Well, the last two weeks have been incredibly busy.  We've got our Navy Reserves in town for the Freedom Banner exercise down in Mokpo, another group of Reserves here for the Joint Chiefs of Staff exercise, Key Resolve and another group helping to support the many ships we have here in the Korean Theater of Operations (KTO).  Been working the last couple of weekends.

I also had the great honor of preaching the sermon at our church here in Busan last Sunday.  Definitely not the typical birthday for me.  I thought it went really well.  Something I won't easily forget.  I'll be blogging on that one later.  The latest event that's been keeping me busy was the big fundraiser we held this past Friday night.

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