iPhone 5 locked to SK no Olleh?

According to this Apple website document http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1937 the new iPhone 5 will be locked to SK but will be available unlocked through Olleh.

Can anyone confirm this through an SK store?

I think this is strange because prior to the iPhone 5 it was the reverse, I remember the iPhone 4S being unlocked under contract through SK and locked through Olleh.

I need to know because I'm looking to upgrade to the new iPhone but am with SK and want it unlocked for when I travel.

Any help is appreciated

Korean Sociological Image #31: Gender Roles & Korean Holidays

( Source: RaySoda )

With apologies to teachers of Korean children everywhere, tired of their proclivity for repeating the nonsensical foreign words found in Korean advertisements, there is actually much to be admired in KT’s recent olleh (올레) campaign.

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