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Seoul, South Korea


Obama’s Second Victory—In Korea

This report comes to you live from an American on the other side of the world.

I had been nervous about the election for a long time because, despite the polling and Nate Silver and the general incompetence of the Romney campaign, I was afraid that Obama would lose. I really was. I had superstitious reasons for feeling this way. You see, I wasn’t born on the fourth of July, I’m not a yankee doodle dandy, but I was born on the sixth of November, and that means that every once in awhile election day falls on my birthday. The last time it happened was in the year 2000, on the day America somehow found itself with George W. Bush as president. In a solipsistic way a part of me really believed that I was to blame for this disaster, and that the heavily grinding gears of time, the beating wings of thousands of butterflies, had sufficiently fanned the winds of fate to doom America to eight years of catastrophe. Like a bellows to a roaring furnace. And now it would happen again. My birthday would push each wing and gear a little harder in the wrong direction, just barely tipping the balance…

Satire Will Win The Election

Like many liberals, I’m disappointed with Barack Obama, the kill-list, the continuing weakness of the economy, the corruption of the government, and plenty of other things that are not exactly as I want them to be. I recognize that if you don’t live in Ohio or Florida, you should probably vote for a third-party candidate who more properly reflects your views, whether you lean toward the right or the left, as I guess most people are disappointed with the two very similar choices being offered for the 2012 Presidential Election.

The Marriage Issue and Those who Fight for and Defend the Long Barbaric Act

It’s an Election Year So Obama Sits in the Middle of the Rosa Parks Bus

President Obama sits on the same bus where Rosa Parks made history on December 1st 1955. The president, as is prudent in an election year, is sitting in the middle of the bus.

As part of a campaign swing through the midwest the president stopped in Dearborn Michigan (yes, he save your ass, and thanks for paying us back).

While there he visited the Henry Ford Museum, which is home to the 1948 GM bus on which Ms. Parks refused to sit in the back of.

Old News Repackaged: Barack Obama, Eater of Dogs



so official

hunger games <3

hunger games <3

Korean American Nominated to Run World Bank as Back Slapping Commences

American president Barack Obama has nominated Jim Yong Kim, a global health policy expert and the president of Dartmouth College, to run the World Bank.

Though Kim has been living in America since shortly after getting out of diapers, the South Korean media will no doubt have a week of self-congratulatory backslapping in honor of his DNA with little mind paid to his being about as American as one can get.

A friend of mine from New Zealand said that as an American I simply will never understand when a country lays claim to famous or infamous Americans because of ethnic ties.

USA & Korea Allies forever more

Angry Whites with Guns

For the past few months I've been tracking the trajectory of the health care debate back at home. I've been reading articles on left and right-wing sites, watching video, and wasting countless hours perusing, lurking, and baiting people on the message boards. As I'm sure you all know, I am a big supporter of health reform in America, and firmly supported this now-passed, bill, despite its many flaws and seeming handouts to Big Insurance. To me, the argument has always been very simple: The United States is the only industrialized country in the world who (until yesterday) didn't guarantee at least basic healthcare for its people. Add the fact that over 30 million of us have no insurance, and millions of others are under-insured, and it's a no-brainer. We MUST, as a society, take concrete steps to alleviate the problem.

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