That Horrible U

I’ve been submitting my book to agents and publishers over the last few weeks, and today I received my first rejection. The turnaround was so fast I’m not sure they even looked at my submission; their reply was sent just seventeen hours after my email, and, thinking I had nothing to lose (beyond the slight chance of being blacklisted by a publisher which doesn’t seem to be interested in me to begin with), I decided to ask them what had turned them off about my book—concerned that there was some glaring error in my query letter or some issue on the first page that I’ve missed—though I doubt they’ll respond.

A Sample Chapter From Sorabol

This Project And Then The Next Project

I’m just sittin’ here wonderin’…what to work on next. My first novel about Korea is done, and will be published soon, either traditionally via paper or radically via internet or perhaps even both; there will be three novels total, of about a hundred and fifty pages each, and they will all include a photograph for each chapter, with some chapters being a paragraph long and others being dozens of pages, though all have interesting titles (“Opposite World”, “How Grandma Became A Shaman”, “The Hotel Of Insanity”) and the book itself was designed so that if you happened to pick it up (as though you could pick up an ebook!) and turn it to a random page, you would be sucked in at once, unable to put the thing back down again until you finished.

Here is a passage selected at random, I swear, to prove my point:

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